asus router contestOne way to improve your internet connection this year is to get an ASUS Wi-Fi 6 router. The selection of routers at Best Buy can be daunting so I will try to use this opportunity to bring some clarity to your decision about a new router and you can then consider which factors are most important to you. At the same time you can enter to win an ASUS Wireless AX5700 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Router that is great for gaming and most other activities that require an internet connection.

What are you looking for in a router

Most of us do not put much thought into how much information is flying around our homes. The fact is you might have dozens of devices sending and receiving Wi-Fi signals at any given moment. In a typical home with parents and children doing work of various kinds on laptops, on phones, on tablets, plus one or more televisions accessing streaming services, phones messaging, socializing, streaming, and searching, and smart home cameras uploading video, not to mention any smart lights, switches, or locks vying for bandwidth all at the same time, signals don’t get crossed because of the amazing technology built into the modern router.

However, most of us have felt the pain of a slow or weak router. I have four main requirements for a router: it must be fast; it must cover a large area; it must have adequate bandwidth so if I’m streaming a movie on TV and my wife is uploading a video lecture to YouTube and all of my smart home tech is communicating in the background, I don’t experience buffering—that really drives me crazy; it must be secure so no one in the neighbourhood or beyond can hijack my internet.

Gamers get preferential treatment from this router

A gaming router is usually the right choice if you enjoy gaming—especially if you’re very competitive. What would happen if you are in an online battle and suddenly your streaming speed was cut in half because of other people in your house streaming movies, playing music, or having a video chat? Obliteration! If your internet speed dies, your character dies! The ASUS RT-AX86S wouldn’t let that happen. It can preferentially allocate bandwidth to gaming; during high demand times, everything else in your home might have slower internet, but your game does not. That’s a router with its priorities in the right place!

ASUS security is one of many standout features of their routers

A home network can be a gateway to the best of the internet: education, entertainment, etc. It can also be a gateway to the worst of the internet: cybercriminals, hackers, unsolicited and unwanted content. A great router will act as your first line of defence. Some router brands charge a subscription fee for that kind of protection. ASUS does not!

The ASUS RT-AX86S router we are giving away in this contest has AiProtection built-in. You can read more about it on the ASUS website. It monitors inbound and outbound data to protect your home from all common forms of attacks. It even self-updates whenever a new security patch becomes available so your router stays up-to-date. Also, the security settings are easily accessible from the ASUS app. Read the reviews by Brad Moon and Stéphane Vaillancourt (in French) to learn more about the app and the many amazing features found in this router. Then return here to enter for a chance to win this amazing router. I’ll put both videos here so you can easily hear what these reviewers had to say.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in two different ways.

  1. In a comment below, tell us what are the top two features you are looking for in a new router.
  2. In a comment below Brad’s review article, let Brad know what the most interesting part of his review was for you.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we’ll randomly select one entry to win an ASUS Wireless AX5700 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Router.

This contest runs from March 15th until March 29th

Remember you can enter this contest in two different ways. However, you know that everyone wants secure Wi-Fi so tell your family and friends about this ASUS Wi-Fi and the great security features that can help protect their home.

Win an ASUS Wi-Fi 6 Router Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck


  1. Looking for speed for gaming, and ability to have lots of wireless connections for all the smart home devices

  2. Since I work from home mainly, the top two features that I would look for in a new router would be for its security features and the range of coverage that offered by the wifi.

  3. When looking for a router, the security and range of the signal is the two most important things

  4. This seems great for improving latency with my Quest 2 wireless PCVR setup. Looking for wifi6, tri band, .ax speeds for Vr and gaming.

    This article was great at explaining the use case for a router like this in gaming.

    • The most interesting part of your review was that #1. Brad did the investigating about this new router, and
      #2 “A solid high-speed router, period, but especially suited to gamers”.
      My whole family would love this! We all are gamers and need this type of stuff in our house! Thanks for the opportunity!

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