Where can you try the newest Intel powered PCs while playing the newest cutting edge games using the best gaming accessories? Best Buy! The Intel gaming experience is your place to learn about the newest gaming devices by using them. Sit down in a comfortable gaming chair at one of the Intel Battle Stations, cue up one of most powerful Intel powered gaming computers available, and play. The Intel gaming experience is the best way to find the right gaming tech for your home. This experience will be in 17 stores across the country soon and is already fully realized at the Cambie store in Vancouver and the Heartland store in Mississauga.

Battle stations! Game on with Intel, Best Buy, and partners

Prepare for the battle of your life! Too dramatic? Well then, let me elaborate on what you can expect when entering the Battle Station zone of the Intel experience in Best Buy stores. Sit on a custom molded gaming chair, like the Razer chair shown in the image here. Your skin begins to tingle with excitement: you whole body realizes that this is how gaming is meant to be played. Your heart rate starts to rise in anticipation. Your fingers reach for the gaming mouse, next to the mechanical gaming keyboard. Your eyes focus and scan the games showing on the display. Your brain makes a selection: something you have always wanted to try on a precision, brilliantly fast gaming rig. Now’s your chance to really show what you are capable of with the right gear.

The key word here is battle. So enjoy the experience and learn from it. Gaming is fun, but more fun when you beat your personal best, improve your skills, and eventually perform at a top level. The Intel Battle Stations will help you do this. You can try a variety of new tech to determine what will boost your gaming skills. It might be a Corsair keyboard, it might be an Asus gaming monitor, or a Razer mouse (or that chair I mentioned earlier.

You will also feel the power of the newest Intel processors and newest graphics cards. Most gamers in Canada never get a chance to actually play using top level equipment: the Battle Stations will change that!

Experience Advanced Intel processors: 13th Gen, 14th Gen, and integrated Intel Ark graphics

Anyone with a laptop over a year old may not be aware of the huge difference new Intel processors make for gamers, content creators, and everyone else. Most Intel powered laptops released this year have the new 13th Gen processor, likely high performance i7 or i9, and most of the battle station laptops will also be so equipped. The advanced hybrid architecture of these processors are a gamers dream come true. And just this fall, Intel announced their most advanced processors which will arrive in stores later this year. These 14th Gen processors are faster and more efficient and make better use of AI and machine learning. Gamers will also benefit from the new advanced Intel Ark integrated graphics, a dedicated graphic component added to each 14th Gen processor that will deliver faster graphics processing than previously possible. As these start to arrive, there will be no better place for you to try them out than at the Intel experience in a Best Buy store.

One additional place your should visit is the Intel evo station right next to the Intel battle stations. Intel “evo” are certified to provide a premium laptop experience, especially for people on the go. To become evo certified a laptop must meet or exceed a set of benchmarks that include premium battery life, connectivity with the newest and fastest Wi-Fi and USB standards, and much more. Rather than singling out the most powerful laptops, Intel evo laptops are the most useful for people who need a light, premium machine at home, work, school, and when travelling. Step up to the Intel evo are of the Intel experience and you might just fall in love with next laptop!

PC accessories to try before you buy

I think this is one of my favourite aspects of the Intel experience. Where else can you try that mechanical keyboard you’ve been eyeing to see if it’s as amazing as you hoped? Instead of just trusting reviews you see online, on the Best Buy blog or elsewhere, you can decide for yourself. Try several keyboards: which one feels best to you. The same applies to the other accessories. Most of us have never sat on a chair designed to give the best gaming experience. Similarly, feel the smooth movement and incredibly fast reaction time of a gaming mouse … playing one of the fastest paced games too. After trying and deciding which one is right for you, you will know that exactly what to expect from the new gaming accessories you purchase at Best Buy.

PC building station: power supplies, cases, and more

Many gamers seek the most customized gaming experience that comes from building their own PC. The Intel gaming experience is a great place for you too. The PC builders section is equipped with the PC components that you’ll need for the top components manufacturers. Find a range of cases, fans and cooling options, motherboards, CPUs, graphics cards, power supplies, and more. Talk the in-store Geek Squad agents about compatibility and specs to ensure you have everything you need for to create your original ultimate gaming machine.

Intel and Best Buy innovation for gamers will soon be spreading across the country

As I stated above, the Intel experience is at two locations right now: Cambie store in Vancouver and the Heartland store in Mississauga. More stores will be added so until there will be 17 locations! We’ll add a table below with the additional Best Buy stores where you can enjoy the Intel experience once they are live. Also watch for exciting gaming events taking place in the Battle Stations across the country. A gaming space like the Intel experience is going to raise the calibre of gaming in this country. It’s unique and it’s only at Best Buy for gamers like you.

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