Corsair HS80 Max headphones and K54 Pro Mini keyboard

In today’s article, I’ll be reviewing Corsair’s HS80 Max headphones. I tested these while playing some of my favourite games, doing my day-to-day work, and browsing the web. In this review I’ll discuss the headset’s design and performance and share my final thoughts.

Corsair HS80 Max headphones design

The Corsair HS80 Max are wireless headphones with multiple connectivity options, RGB LED lighting, and compatibility with PC, Mac, PlayStation, and mobile devices.

Corsair HS80 Max headphones

The headphones have a clean, minimalist design available in either matte white or black. The HS80 Max’s build is a combination of plastic and aluminum. The headset is mostly plastic with the exception of the rotatable joints connecting the earpieces to the headband. These joints are made of metal ensuring that the HS80 Max remains durable through prolonged use. The earcups are covered by a soft foam lined with breathable fabric keeping your ears cool during long gaming sessions. Likewise, the headband has a soft flexible band lined with artificial leather and foam making for an extremely comfortable fit.

During my testing, I found the build quality of the HS80 Max to be extremely comfortable to wear. During my long gaming sessions my head remained cool and I could wear the HS80 for hours without feeling any discomfort.

RGB LEDs and headset controls

One of my favorite features in gaming headphones are RGB LEDs. Each ear cup of the HS80 Max has the Corsair logo lit up with RGB LEDs. These LEDs can be customized using Corsair’s iCue software.

When it comes to buttons and controls, Corsair keeps it minimal on the HS80 Max. On the back of the left ear cup, you’ll find the power button and volume wheel, while the right ear cup features a Bluetooth pairing button. All buttons, including the scroll wheel, can be customized to perform different functions using Corsair’s iCue software.

HS80 Max’s awesome audio quality

The audio quality of the Corsair HS80 Max is outstanding. This is thanks to the large, high-quality 50mm neodymium drivers. These drivers are capable of delivering rich, balanced, and immersive sound while playing games and watching movies.

The HS80 Max also supports Dolby Atmos. This enhances your gaming and media immersion by simulating surround sound. During my tests with the HS80 Max I played Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, and I could easily identify the direction of enemy footsteps. This was a big benefit and provided me with a competitive advantage over enemy players. While watching movies like Avatar, the sound reproduction was so realistic that I could hear explosions and bullets flying around me.

Overall, I found the audio quality of the HS80 Max to be fantastic. These headphones were effective at producing a nice balance of highs, mids, and bass. During my testing, I was thoroughly satisfied with the audio quality while playing games, watching movies, and taking calls.

Corsair HS80 Max earcups and microphone

Impressive microphone quality

The microphone on the HS80 Max is impressive. It produces nice, clear audio that sounds true to life. Operation of the microphone is simple and intuitive. When the microphone is lifted, it mutes, and becomes functional again when lowered. Additionally, Corsair included an LED on the microphone to indicate its muted or unmuted status (red for muted, white for unmuted).

The audio quality of the microphone is excellent. During gaming, my teammates mentioned that my voice was incredibly clear and easy to understand. The microphone has great dynamic range, easily reproducing the tones of my voice. The microphone of the HS80 Max has fantastic sensitivity. Some of the gaming headsets that I’ve tested before had low sensitivity, meaning that the microphone had to be very close to my mouth to pick up sound. However, the HS80 Max’s microphone was sensitive enough that it could pick up my voice 1-2 inches away from my mouth.

Multiple connectivity options

The Corsair HS80 Max offers various connectivity options, making it compatible with multiple devices. You can connect to your devices via a wired USB-C cable or wirelessly using either the 2.4GHz dongle or through Bluetooth. For gaming, I prefer using either the wired or 2.4GHz dongle due to their lower latency. Bluetooth works well for casual uses like listening to music, watching movies, and taking calls.

HS80 Max headphones battery life

Depending on your use of the RGB LEDs the Corsair HS80 Max headset has a good battery life. According to Corsair’s website, with RGB LEDs off, the headset can last up to 65 hours on 2.4GHz and up to 130 hours on Bluetooth. During my testing with the RGB LEDs on at 50% brightness, I was able to achieve roughly 20-24 hours while using the 2.4GHz connection. With Bluetooth, the headset lasted for over 1.5 weeks before needing to be charged.

Customizing functionality with Corsair’s iCue software

Corsair’s iCUE software is a fantastic tool for customizing the HS80 Max. This software is available for download from Corsair’s website and is compatible with both PC and Mac. With this software, users can create custom lighting and develop custom profiles. 

Corsair HS80 Max headphones and K65 Pro Mini keyboard

Final thoughts

The Corsair HS80 Max headphones is a fantastic device for both casual and competitive gamers. I loved the seamless integration of lighting effects and custom profiles across different applications. My favorite features of the HS80 Max were the 50mm audio drivers and crystal clear microphone.

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