NVIDIA has refreshed its RTX 40 series with updated SUPER versions. At CES 2024, the new GeForce 4080 SUPER was revealed. This edition features more cores and a slightly faster base and boosted clock speed for a beautiful, modern game experience. Bandwidth also got upgraded from 716 GB/s to 736 GB/s. You can expect access to smooth 4K gaming on high settings.

While the cores and clock speed shave been increased, it is still a 16 GB graphics card with three DisplayPorts and an HDMI output. One of the most interesting facts about this release is that this newer card is actually cheaper than its predecessor.

More Cores

GeForce Performance chart

The GeForce 4080 SUPER gets a 5% increase in CUDA cores, going from 9728 to 10240. These are the calculating cores that enable all the parallel processing needed to form all the modern graphics available to us today. The more of this type of computing you have, the better.

There are also an extra 4 RT cores, up from the 76 featured in the regular 4080. These are the specialized components that handle the beautiful ray tracing technology we have access to in real time nowadays. This technique models the behaviour of light and adds a great amount of photorealism to computer-generated images.

Lastly, 16 tensor cores have been added, upgrading that number from 304 to 320. This is where the AI computing tasks are accomplished.

AI-Supported Graphics

Modern graphics

NVIDIA’s recent products have been capitalizing on AI and the GeForce 4080 SUPER is no exception. For interactive computer-generated images, the company has developed DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) in a few different varieties to enhance performance and detail. All three versions of this feature are present on this GPU.

The results speak for themselves. For example, DLSS 2 increases your resolution by building it from a smaller frame. It also handles anti-aliasing in a very efficient manner. Version 3 adds extra AI-generated frames to boost framerate; a very clever idea that aids gameplay smoothness. DLSS 3.5 introduces ray reconstruction which enhances ray tracing even further.

NVIDIA also infiltrated other industries, adding AI powered features that increase productivity. Whether you are a professional artist, designer or engineer, your workflow will be accelerated over many different applications. Spend less time on repetitive tasks and concentrate on the critical aspects of your project.

Great Upgrade for Demanding Players

The GeForce 4080 SUPER is a great choice for your 4K gaming needs. It will run modern games at 4K with ray tracing smoothly and you’ll get one of the most immersive experiences possible. If your current GPU is not cutting it anymore, this is a fantastic pick as an upgrade. This is especially true if you don’t have access to all the AI-powered enhancements.

On the other hand, if you are building a brand-new PC and it needs a graphics card, this is a great choice. NVIDIA is at the forefront of graphics technology and this latest iteration will get you up to date on what is going on in the PC gaming world. 

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