Fitting right in

The MX Master 3 for Mac and MX Keys for Mac fit seamlessly into the workflows you rely upon while being productive. With a mouse so precise, it will feel like weaving through documents and details is a simple turn of the wheel. Match it with a full-size keyboard equipped with backlit keys and built for stability, comfort and precision.

Finished in a Space Grey to match so much of Apple’s product lineup, but they aren’t just trying to cover the aesthetics. These products are ergonomically designed to match performance with comfort, with plenty of room for customization to help you work better and faster, no matter what your workstation looks like.

Made for creativity

MX is built to cover each step in the creative process, including moving things around as you need to from one computer to another. Integrated software makes it possible to work in a cross-platform workflow where you can transfer files between Mac and Windows PC computers.

MX Keys follows your MX Master 3 mouse to make it happen, putting multiple devices in a fluid setup that lets you work with seamless precision. An Easy-Switch button on either MX product means you can just switch between a desktop, laptop and tablet without lifting more than a finger.

Use all the shortcuts you know so well to be quick about what you’re doing. The MX for Mac lineup has the tools to not only save time, but also feel like nothing is missing. App-specific customizations add extra functionality, all of which kick in as soon as you launch the compatible apps on your devices.

Stylish performance

The Space Grey finish is unmistakable for its match with Apple’s vaunted colour scheme. It’s a fashionable design pairing well with your Mac or iPad to make it feel like a natural extension of your computer or tablet.

But looks aren’t everything. Ergonomics also matter, and both are covered with some practical cues that simplify how you use them. Crafted to keep your hand anchored and comfortable the MX Master 3 mouse is ready for longer work sessions without the fatigue.

The same goes for the MX Keys. As your fingers approach, proximity sensors will backlight the keys to help you see when the lights dim. Walk away from your desk and the backlight fades away to save power. The body is on solid footing with a metal plate that won’t slide around your desk when typing, keeping your posture firmly in place.

Precision-guided perfection

The MX Keys for Mac isn’t just fast, it’s also accurate. With an 80% increase in both speed and precision, it doesn’t waste time. The increased key stability also cuts down noise and optimizes responsiveness so you can feel every keystroke, but not hear it.

That same feeling extends to the MX Master 3, thanks to its MagSpeed wheel and electromagnetic scrolling so precise, you can stop on a pixel or scroll 1,000 lines in a mere second. It’s tactile, yet quiet enough not to stand out for the wrong reasons. A second thumb wheel makes horizontal scrolling just as easy.

With easily-accessible and specialized buttons located throughout, moving around to where you need to go on any task shouldn’t force hand contortions. It’s intuitive control at all times, putting comfort and productivity on the same level.

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