One of the most personal technologies has to be the ereader, like those offered by Kobo. I realize that some of them can surf the web and view multimedia, but for me, they are made for reading books. They are perfectly designed for that one simple task. They are lightweight, with a display that is easy on the eyes in daylight, or at night, and they easily fit in one hand. Load one with all your favourite books and it quickly holds a special place in your heart. Enter this contest and you might just win the newest ereader from Kobo, the Kobo Clara HD.

Why do I love Kobo eReaders so much

Let me tell you a little story, a true story. Once upon a time I had a Kobo ereader, a gift from my children, and I used it all the time. I read a huge assortment of novels on my cherished Kobo: mysteries, historical fiction, classics, trashy pop fiction, non-fiction and more. My brain was filled with great characters and great stories. I took my Kobo everywhere: on cruises in the Caribbean, on flights to Europe, and even back and forth in my car daily so that at any moment I could take a few minutes’ break, just me and my Kobo.

Then tragedy struck: one evening while rushing to take groceries into the house to make dinner, I forgot my Kobo in the car. Wouldn’t you know it, a thief broke into my car and stole it. I was shattered! End of story. However, I still feel the loss. You never know how much you love something until it’s gone.

Why do you love Kobo ereaders

Here’s your chance to tell us why you want to win this prize. If you are not familiar with these great ereaders, take a look at the product page for Kobo at Best Buy to learn more about them. You can also read the recent review of this eReader on the blog.



Entering this contest is easy, but you can only enter once. In a comment below this article, tell us what you love about Kobo ereaders. Is it having hundreds of books in the palm of your hand, how lightweight they are, how easy they are to load with books from the Kobo store …?


At the end of the contest we will select one winner from all eligible entries to win a new Kobo Clara HD.

This contest runs from July 20th until August 6th.

Remember you can only enter once. However, you must know many people who would love to win this Kobo: it’s a book lovers dream device! Share this contest with all the book lovers in your life.

Good Luck.

Win a Kobo Clara HD eReader Contest Rules and Regulations 

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  1. I am very happy to announce the winner of this Kobo Clara HD contest:

    Rosalie B – Jonquière, QC

    Keep reading and get great informative articles about a wide range of topics from tech to toys, from smartphones to style. Participate on the blog by asking questions and offering your expertise to the comment sections of articles you read. And enter more contests: you never know when we will get more great products to give away.

  2. This contest is now closed. We will draw the winners soon in accordance with the rules. Return to the blog often to read great articles, learn about the latest technology, and to enter more contests. You never know when we’ll be doing another amazing giveaway!

  3. I love how easy it is to bring all my favorite and new books with me wherever I go! It’s what every reader should have!

  4. I love that I can have so many stories with me at once! I can choose which world to enter with a click of a button!

  5. I love how easy it is to download a new book, there is no waiting for the bookstore to order it for you. It also makes waiting at the airport or for appointments that much more bearable.

  6. i love that i can have all the books i need in such a small kobo ereader at any time …love it

  7. The fact i can have the convince of multiple books in my hand in one device sounds wonderful!! Dr appointments, travelling, a moment to myself at the end of the day!

  8. I love it that you can easily access and bring with you tons of books, without having to choose which ones to leave behind (if you can’t bring all of the paperback/etc. ones…).

  9. I have Wet Macular Degenerative eye disease and get regular injections into my eyes to prevent the disease getting worse. My right eye is worse. I haves always loved reading and was really happy when my grandson bought me 1 of the first kobo ereaders. I can continue to read and enjoy books because kobo allows the print to be huge and bright light on my kobo aura
    I thank my rentinal eye specialist and Kobo for allowing me to enjoy my passion -reading

  10. I love the convenience of bringing an ereader everywhere you go, knowing that you can have an entire library at your disposal. This is great for when your are travelling or when you just want to chill at a cafe.

    E-readers are also great for the environment especially since I buy most of the books I read!

  11. I’ve never personally got to use one before but after checking it out every feature looks awesome! I would have to say my favorite is it’s light weight and the screen, blue lights hurt my eyes after a while and I think this would be perfect! Thanks for the opportunity!

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