HP Neverstop laser printers

If you do a lot of printing, the worst part of owning a laser printer is probably the consumables. Buying and installing toner cartridges is no-one’s idea of fun. That’s why HP has come up with the new Neverstop series of laser printers. The name is the big clue to the star feature of these printers: instead of a traditional toner cartridge, they use a high capacity, easily refillable toner tank. Intrigued? Here’s what you need to know about HP Neverstop laser printers. 

Extending the “Smart Tank” approach to laser printers

Consumers love inkjet printers with massive refill tanks, like HP’s Smart Tank series. It’s easy to see why, since they come with up to two-years worth of ink in the box, and there is no messing with cartridges—ever.

HP Neverstop laser printersThe company has extended that convenience and cost-effectiveness to monochrome laser printing.

Now you can buy a laser printer that can print up to 5,000 pages of documents right out of the box. And you won’t ever need to buy and install a toner cartridge. HP Neverstop laser printers are designed with a cartridge-free toner tank. When the printer finally gets low on toner, simply insert a low-cost toner reload kit to refill the tank.

It’s HP’s lowest cost per page laser printing solution, and one that brings a new level of ease and convenience. For home office, small business or school use—any situation where a lot of text is printed—HP Neverstop laser printers are a great new option.

HP Neverstop laser printers

No-compromise HP laser printing

HP knows that people who need to print a lot of documents take their printing seriously. That means the kind of performance you expect from an HP laser printer, including:

  • Up to 21 ppm printing speed and just 8.5 seconds First Page Out time
  • Up to 600 x 600 x 2 dpi print resolution in black
  • 20,000 pages monthly duty cycle for high volume applications
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/n/g, Ethernet, USB 2.0 port
  • Wireless, Wi-Fi Direct, and mobile printing support
  • Included toner in the box is good for up to 5,000 pages of printing
  • Input tray holds 150 pages, output tray holds 100 pages
  • LED status display

HP offers Neverstop laser printers in compact and all-in-one versions. 

HP Neverstop laser printersA printer that lets you be green

April 22 is Earth Day. But you can be greener every day. The HP Neverstop laser printers help you by offering an environmental footprint that’s 84% smaller than other laser printers. How? Well it’s up to you to manage the number of pages you print, and to ensure the paper is recycled. But the printer itself is made from 25% recycled material. Add in the cartridge-free toner tank, and you are also looking at a lot less waste and packaging over the lifetime of the printer.

HP Neverstop laser printersWhen can I get one of these?

Looking forward to the prospect of a high performance laser printer, with the lowest possible cost per page, and the end of having to swap out toner cartridges? You don’t have to wait! 

HP Neverstop laser printers featuring the cartridge-free toner tank are available now at Best Buy. Choose from the HP Neverstop 1202W Monochrome Wireless All-In-One, and the HP Neverstop 1001NW Monochrome Wireless laser printers.

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