PC computers just got a huge upgrade called Windows 10.  That’s right: Microsoft is the biggest newsmaker this summer. We’ve been writing about it for a while now on the Plug-in Blog  and finally on July 29th the new Windows 10 operating system was released to the public.  It is packed with incredible features that make PC computers more fun, and productive to use.

In an earlier article, Raj Patel discussed some of the things you should do to prepare your computer for the upgrade. Though anyone can download Windows 10, many people will want to seek the services of a technology professional to ensure their machine is properly prepared and that their machine is operating at optimum efficiency with Windows 10. Also once Windows 10 has been installed you will want to quickly learn about the new features so you can start using them right away.  Geek Squad is a great option; they’ll make sure that Windows 10 is set up and configured properly, once and for all. In addition, Geek Squad offers a Windows 10 tutorial so you will be the first on your block taking advantage of everything that Microsoft’s new operating system has to offer.


Of course many people are preparing for the fall, and especially for going back to school, by purchasing a new computer.  Since Windows 10 has just been released, the computer you buy will have an earlier version of Windows preinstalled (most likely Windows 8.1). You will want to upgrade, and can do that on your own. If, however you want to have it done by a professional you can ask to have Geek Squad services added to your purchase so that when you take your new machine home or to school, you know that it will be running at peak efficiency, worry free. In fact if you purchase one of the Geek Squad computer set up services, a Geek Squad Membership, or a Protection Total Plan you will get the Windows 10 installation for free! They will even include a tutorial on the new features in Windows 10.

 gs membership.JPG

You can take any machine to Geek Squad to request an upgrade. Perhaps you have a great computer already, but would like to have your computer serviced to ensure that it is properly prepared, and that your data is properly protected prior to beginning the Windows 10 installation.  Geek Squad has a whole range of options available no matter what you need.

GS-Protect.JPGAnd Geek Squad also offers comprehensive packages of services that will keep your machine running at its best for years to come. Geek Squad Membership and Geek Squad Protection Total Plan are great ways to protect your technology.  For a low monthly fee, these plans enable you to have your new computer set up properly right after you buy it, and have years of additional services thereafter for total peace of mind. Both of these services packages include a Windows 10 installation and tutorial for free!

This is truly an exciting summer for PC users thanks to Microsoft’s release of Windows 10. Many people will be downloading the new operating system. And if you want to seek professional help so that you have the best upgrade experience possible, you can always contact Geek Squad: you’ll find them online and in any Best Buy store.

Martin Renaud
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