Do you enjoy using your PC or new mobile device, but find the responsibility of ownership a little overwhelming? I can’t really blame you. When a PC is fresh out of the box, it’s a thing of beauty. But then you have to set it up, get online, back up your data, worry about someone else stealing your data, keep the software up to date, deal with any viruses or unexpected glitches, arrange for repairs if a hard drive fails or the battery goes dead … well let’s face it: ownership is a lot of work. That’s where a Geek Squad Membership comes in. A low monthly fee gets you exclusive access to first class technical support that takes the hard work off your shoulders so you can enjoy actually using your device, plus exclusive benefits.

I’m a bit of an outlier when it comes to computers, smartphones and tablets. I’ve been involved with them on the technical side for decades, I have the tools and experience needed to tackle many repairs and to me opening up a laptop to see why the keyboard is swelling up like it’s going to explode is a kind of cool little project. I’m not worried about finding a repair shop that carries the parts I need, voiding warranties or whether there are hazards involved (in this case there are—a defective and swelling Lithium-ion battery that has the potential to release toxic fumes or even burst into flames).

Most people wouldn’t know where to start when a PC starts acting up. And they don’t need to.

That’s why investing in a Geek Squad Membership is such an attractive option. It’s like having the IT department that keeps your work PC and smartphone in tip-top shape, at your personal beck and call. 

Geek Squad Membership Advantages

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Ultimate Setup

A Geek Squad Membership starts with the part of PC or mobile device ownership that everybody hates—the initial setup. Who wants to sit through endless screens of choices and technical information, software installation and updates, transferring existing data from older devices and then have to deal with configuring backups, setting up online security, virus protection and configuring any parental controls? 

It’s complicated, time consuming and often confusing.

The problem is, this step may be a pain, but it is also fundamental to your experience going forward. Skip steps, don’t bother to install anti-virus software or leave setting up online data backup for later on and there’s a good chance you’ll regret it. Having your device set up correctly in the first place is a huge plus in terms of a worry-free user experience going forward.

With a Geek Squad Membership, that initial setup is done for you and it’s done right.

Geek Squad Support.jpgOnline Support

We all have questions about why our device is doing something—or not doing something—but we don’t always have answers. And it never seems to fail that something requiring intervention, like a request to install a software patch or a wireless mouse that won’t connect by Bluetooth, happens after manufacturer support lines are closed.

With Geek Squad Membership you get 24/7 support, so a technical expert can walk you through the solution whenever—or wherever—a problem strikes.

In-Store Support

One thing I’ve learned about PCs, smartphones and tablets is that eventually, something will go terribly wrong. Often this will happen at an inconvenient time, adding to the stress of the situation.

It doesn’t matter how much money you spent, what logo is on the case or how gently you pampered it, nothing lasts forever. A battery will fail, a hard drive will die, someone will jam two DVDs in an optical drive (don’t laugh, my kids have done that to one of my computers), or one day the device simply won’t start up.

Naturally, when whatever disaster befalls you happens, panic will set in. After calling around, you will likely realize that finding a repair shop with technicians you trust, a location with parking and hours convenient to you may not be as easy as you assumed. And yeah, it’s probably going to be expensive.

Geek Squad Membership gets you in-store support at Best Buy stores, featuring all of the expertise and equipment of a Geek Squad precinct. Bring your device in and you know you’ll be getting VIP treatment. If it comes down to a hardware repair, your membership also nets you a very handy 20 percent discount.

Best Buy stores are located close to many people, but if you can’t make it to a location, your membership means a Geek Squad agent can arrange to come to your home instead. 

And if you decide that enough is enough and now is the time to put that computer or mobile device out to pasture, a Geek Squad Membership means you are rewarded with a premium on top of the trade-in value. Taking a bite out of the price of a new PC or mobile device is a pretty nice perk.

Total Plan

GeekSquad Membership has a lot going for it, but it’s possible to get even more. Geek Squad’s Total Plan offers all that, plus unheard of benefits like accidental damage coverage for all PCs and mobile devices, loaner hardware, battery replacement and screen protectors for mobile devices and even lemon protection—because nothing is more frustrating than buying that one PC in the production run that shipped with a flakey logic board.


One More time: Geek Squad Membership Means VIP Treatment and a Superior User Experience

Being a member of the Geek Squad club—whether through a Geek Squad Membership or a Geek Squad Total Plan—means hassle-free PC or mobile device ownership, convenient and expert tech support and all round VIP treatment.

You get best-selling services like initial device setup, plus ongoing remote and in-store support, plus membership perks like discounted (or even no charge) repairs and trade-in premiums.

Even better, Geek Squad Plans are available on an affordable monthly payment plan and in the case of a Geek Squad Membership, the PC or device doesn’t even have to be new—bring in the one you already have and let the experts worry about ensuring you get the best experience possible out of its remaining lifespan.

Brad Moon
Editor Computing solutions
I’m a long-time electronics and gadget geek who’s been fortunate enough to enjoy a career that lets me indulge this interest. I have been writing about technology for several decades for a wide range of outlets including Wired, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, MSN,, Kiplinger, and GeekDad. I’m in my 10th year as a senior contributor for Forbes with a focus on reviewing music-related tech, Apple gear, battery power stations and other consumer electronics. My day job is with the Malware Research Center at AI-native cybersecurity pioneer CrowdStrike.