Targus has been putting sustainability front and centre with its line of EcoSmart products, which includes backpacks, cases, and other tech accessories. And the company is expanding on that this year with several new products being introduced at CES 2024.

The idea behind the Targus EcoSmart line is to help reduce the company’s CO2 footprint, and Targus is already well on its way. Targus says that since it started turning recycled plastic bottles into fabric for its EcoSmart laptop bags in 2008, it has diverted 18.5 million water bottles from landfills and waterways. It’s a great way to use waste that won’t break down and, in many ways, can’t be recycled in a traditional way, and turn it into something not only usable but also fashionable and functional.

Targus EcoSmart backpack and briefcase

The new line for 2024 includes a new backpack and briefcase, both of which are made from recycled ocean-bound plastic. Called the Coastline EcoSmart collection, the bags feature 140D recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) on the inside and 900D polyester on the outside created from ocean-bound plastic. In total, the backpack is made up to 69 percent recycled content and 26 percent ocean-bound plastic, while the briefcase is made from 70 percent recycled content and 24 percent ocean bound plastic content.

The models fit 15-inch and 16-inch laptops inside a dedicated compartment with sling protection made of neoprene (also made from recycled materials). There are also ergonomic shoulder straps and durable carry handles. As someone travellingå to and walking the CES show floors from morning to night for a full week straight (sporting a Targus backpack, by the way), these features are crucial for anyone who carries a backpack while commuting to the office or school or travellingå.

Another important feature on these bags is that they both have a luggage trolley pass-through strap. While carrying a backpack on your back (as the name implies) through an airport is convenient, that isn’t so much when you need to keep removing it to get your phone, passport, or other documentation. Keeping it secured to your carry-on luggage makes the experience so much more seamless. (Plus, when you stop for a drink or breakfast before hopping aboard, you don’t need to put the backpack on the dirty floor or an empty chair). Both backpacks also come with Targus’s Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Targus ErgoFlip EcoSmart mouse

Targus ErgoFlip EcoSmart mouse

This EcoSmart backpack and briefcase will join other recently announced EcoSmart products, like the Targus ErgoFlip EcoSmart mouse. Lefties like me will love that it employs patent-pending technology so you can easily convert it from right-handed to left-handed use by simply twisting the top. (If you’re ambidextrous, even better since you can enjoy the best of both worlds depending on your work set-up and which side is most convenient.) Named a CES 2024 Innovation Award Honouree, this mouse is also made using recycled materials.

It’s no surprise that companies like Targus are moving more towards developing sustainable products that use resources which would otherwise end up in landfills or waterways. If we can re-purpose things like plastic water bottles and still make great-looking, functional products, who wouldn’t want to choose them?

We’ll be looking at the Targus EcoSmart line-up at CES 2024. You can find Targus right now at Best Buy and keep an eye on the Best Buy Blog for more from the floor at CES 2024.

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