For many PC users, the Logitech MX Master 3 is the ultimate wireless computer mouse. It’s ergonomic, equipped with stainless steel scroll wheels, loaded with buttons, supports Logitech’s Flow software for multi-computer features, and an all-round joy to use. You can read the blog’s hands-on review of it here. Logitech just announced the release of a “remastered” version called the MX Master 3S. The new mouse keeps the familiar form factor and features, but gets an upgraded 8000 DPI sensor and quieter buttons. The company also announced the perfect companion keyboards, with an all-new series of Logitech MX Mechanical wireless keyboards.

Here’s everything you need to know about these new Logitech MX releases, including when you can get your hands on them.

New Logitech MX releasesMX Master 3S wireless mouse

This sculpted beauty (sorry, but right-handed only) has been perfected through multiple generations to be the ultimate productivity mouse. It’s equipped with stainless steel free scroll and side scroll wheels. That free scroll wheel features Logitech’s MagScroll magnetic scrolling that can whip through 1,000 lines per second. Pair the mouse with up to three different devices, with a wide platform support that includes Windows, macOS, iPad OS, Chrome OS, and Linux. Connectivity is via Bluetooth or Logi Bolt wireless. Battery life is up to 70 days, with USB-C charging. With Logi Options+ software, all buttons are programmable.

The new capabilities of the MX Master 3S are aimed at pro users. A new sensor delivers optical resolution of up to 8,000 DPI (perfect for working with high resolution monitors) and it tracks on most surfaces, including glass. New button switches provide tactical feedback, but are 90% quieter.

If you already own an MX Master 3 mouse is it time to upgrade? Unless your workflow would benefit materially from the higher resolution sensor, probably not. But if your current wireless mouse isn’t making the cut, the new MX Master 3S would make for a game-changing upgrade.  

New Logitech MX releasesA pair of all-new MX mechanical keyboards

The new additions to the Logitech MX lineup are a pair of mechanical keyboards: the full-sized MX Mechanical, and the compact MX Mechanical Mini.

Mechanical keyboards are a popular choice among creators, software developers, and other professionals. The use of mechanical switches offers a tactile upgrade over regular keyboards. This means fewer errors, and faster input. Logitech has built a stellar reputation in the PC gaming community for its RGB backlit mechanical gaming keyboards. That expertise has been combined with the MX approach for a series of premium mechanical keyboards aimed at the professional market.

Logitech MX Mechanical keyboards are equipped with the latest generation of low profile mechanical switches. They are offered with three choices: tactile (quiet) with brown switches, clicky with blue switches, and linear with red switches. In addition there are two size options.

New Logitech MX releases

Regardless of which size or switches you choose, all MX Master Mechanical keyboards offer low profile keys, an aluminum top case, smart backlighting, long battery life with USB-C charging, Bluetooth or Logi Bolt wireless connectivity, the ability to connect with up to three devices, multi-platform support, and programmability using Logi Options+ software.

When can I get my hands on a Logitech MX Master 3S mouse or MX Mechanical keyboard?

New Logitech MX releases

You can order the new Logitech MX accessories now at Best Buy. Even better, there are multiple options, including different colours and in the case of the keyboard, different mechanical switch options. Here are the links to all the new releases:

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