A day in the life of a student with a smartwatch

Back to school is right around the corner, so if you are one of the many students heading back to campus this year, I can imagine you are busy loading up on supplies like notepads, textbooks, pens, highlighters, and perhaps even a new laptop or tablet. While these are all essential for a productive school year, another item you may want to consider adding to your shopping list is a smartwatch. Not only are they stylish and trendy, but they will help you stay organized and on top of your studies.

Review: Samsung Gear Fit2 is a better fit than the past

Samsung doesn’t give up easily, it seems. The company has repeatedly tried and tried again to create a winner in the wearables category, only to achieve mixed results. The Gear Fit2 isn’t a smartwatch, but rather a fitness band that can sort of act like a smartwatch because of its large screen and litany of features.

Smartwatches that are the easiest for changing bands

 Smartwatches haven’t just changed the way we look at timepieces in terms of extensions of our smartwatch technology, they’ve also disrupted the fashion aspect by offering different bands, bracelets and making it easy for users themselves to change their watch bands for different occasions.

Smartwatches that will let you read your text messages

   Smartwatches are great for reading bit sized notifications an even text messages without needing to whip out one’s smartphone, tap the messaging app and scroll to the latest messages. Here are some smartwatches that do a great job of letting you read your text messages and even respond to them.

The Most Stereotypical Gifts to buy your dad on Father’s Day

 When you think of the typical Father’s Day gift, it’s usually a gaudy and loud tie that comes to mind, and is the punchline to every comedian’s joke. However, if you’re having trouble finding dear ‘ol dad the perfect present for Father’s Day, you don’t have to stray into that clichéd territory, because there are plenty of other simple ideas for things your father will love this year. So, read on for my recommendations for the most stereotypical gifts to buy your dad on Father’s Day.

Smartwatches that let you store and listen to music

Being wrist computers, smartwatches inherit many features from PCs and smartphones. The ability to store and play back music wirelessly via a bluetooth headset is one of these features that makes sense for active people or those who want to have their favourite tunes handy.

Which smartwatches allow you to easily change the wristband

 Interchangeable bands are one of the most desired features for smartwatches.Which smartwatches make it easy to mix up style and function?

Review: Asus ZenWatch 2

The ASUS ZenWatch 2 is a smartwatch that doesn't push the envelope against competitors; it keeps things simple which for some people is just what they want.

Review: The Microsoft Band 2 is a cut above the rest

 2016 is going to be the most exciting year for the wearable yet. We’ve already seen brands like Fitbit improving their brand by putting all of their new features forward. We’re going to have wearables that help us de-stress by encouraging better breathing and then there’s Microsoft Band 2. The Microsoft Band 2 looks to go above and beyond its competition by offering features that nobody else does. In addition to the usual run of notifications and trackers, Band 2 is the first wearable that flexes to offer help with your sleep, on the golf course and in the gym in the same package. Find out more about my experiences with Band by reading onward.

How the Pebble Smartwatch Makes My Life Better

“What’s a smartwatch good for?” A lot of people have asked this question, and my answer is pretty simple: it make my life a little simpler and easier. Read on to find out why I love having a Pebble smartwatch on my wrist.

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