My Review of the Protocol Galileo Stealth Quadcopter Drone with Camera

Today I examine the Protocol Galileo Stealth Drone. Join me inside for all of the good, the bad, and the ugly of this large & impressive quadcopter!

My Review of the LaTrax Alias Quadcopter Drone

Come fly with me today as I examine the amazing LaTrax Alias Quadcopter Drone. I can't say I love this drone as much as the Parrot Mambo that I recently reviewed, but if you're a serious drone enthusiast with piloting skills to match, then you're almost guaranteed to enjoy the Alias immensely. It's not the easiest drone to control at times, but it's sure rewarding when you begin to get the hang of it. Click through to read on.

Where can you fly a drone in Canada?

Flying a drone in Canada is now based on tighter rules and regulations that are already in effect, raising questions on where and when you do have clearance to take to the skies.

Announcement: DJI Launches the new DJI Mini 2 & Mini 2...

The new DJI Mini 2 has been launched, and this blog announcement will tell you all about this new drone and its many amazing features. Read on!

A Beginner’s Guide to Drones

Have you ever wanted to get into model drones, but weren’t sure about some of the ins and outs, including what you could fly in Canada (or what qualifies as a drone) and where you can fly it?  Look no further.  Click below to find out some of the basics about drones, including flight restrictions, qualifications and even what drones can do for us now and in the future.

Uncovering the best Recreational Drones

Today I'm taking a look at Recreational Drones. What exactly is this classification of drones? And why should you consider getitng one? Find out inside!

Review: DJI OSMO Zenmuse X3 Handheld 4K Camera with Gimbal System

 Today I review a cool new handheld camera from called the DJI OSMO Zenmuse X3 Handheld 4K Camera with Gimbal System. If you’re into photography and shooting your own videos and would like something for ground based shots that’s as good as you’d get with the highest end drones, click on through and read all about it!

DJI Announces The Mavic Air

DJI has just announced the release of it's latest drone, the Mavic Air. Read about the headline features and see how it compares to the other Mavic drones.

Review: Parrot Mambo Mini Quadcopter Drone with Camera

Anyone with an interest in hobby drones is sure to want to read this review. It's of the all-new Parrot Mambo drone, which takes the entire concept of hobby drones to a whole new level. This thing has a canon that shoots small BB shot (gently), a grabber claw mechanism that can pick up small objects, and the obligatory built-in camera. It's a small, lightweight drone that doesn't try to compete with professional photography drones, but is still super fun! Click through and read on if you love flying & having fun!

Best accessories for drones

Drones are quickly becoming one of the best all-purpose gadgets out there. Read on to find out about more of some of the best accessories for your drones.

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