Put a ring on it for many occasions

Rings are about more than just weddings and engagements. You can put a ring on it for so many different occasions, including friendships and birthdays.

How to choose the perfect necklace length and weight

Choosing the perfect necklace for an outfit means getting the right mix of necklace length, weight, and tone. Here's how to get it right every time.

A brief history of gold jewelry

Gold is an immensely flexible, durable metal that does very well being melted down and re-forged — but its colour doesn't necessarily link to its purity.

How to choose the perfect Valentine’s Day earrings

Valentine's Day is a great time to gift your loved one with a new piece of jewelry. Start your search in late January to find the perfect set in time.

Which Watch is Right for You—A Fitness Tracker, A Smart Watch,...

Do you prefer a fitness tracker, a smart watch, or a traditional timepiece? If you're not quite sure, today's article on watch variety might be for you.

Fine vs. Fashion: Find the right type of jewelry for you

When you're buying a new piece of jewelry, consider this: do you want it to be fine jewelry, or fashion? This guide helps you pick which is right for you.

Nixon Watches On-Time Review

If you've been thinking of getting a stylish new fashion watch for work, rest, or play, today we look at 6 different Nixon watches that I recently put to the test. Join me inside for the verdict.

Stylish Bering watches for function and form

I was sent several Bering men's watches and women's watches to review and as you will see there are a variety of options available at Best Buy.

Top 5 Watches for Men

If you enjoy watches, then today is your lucky day, because today we explore 5 popular models (across a variety of genres) that make up our Best Buy top 5.

Tommy Bahama Men’s Analog Fashion Watches Review

Take a little time today to learn about some stylish and dependable Tommy Bahama men's analog watches. I've got 2 of them here with full details inside.

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