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Wonder Workshop Cue Robot Overview

Wonder Workshop Cue Robot Overview


Are you a robot fanatic? If you enjoy playing with fun, interactive robots that are chock full of personality, then you’re going to love Wonder Workshop’s Cue, the smart and witty robot with emotive AI and attitude!

From the creators of Dash and Dot, Cue is the amazing interactive robot that’s powered by breakthrough Emotive Artificial Intelligence and offers a number of cool games and challenges for you to enjoy.

With Cue—a STEM based coding robot, you can unlock the secret to coding for every skill level simply by switching between Block and JavaScript programming, then go on to program your own fun and interactive experiences. Or, choose from a selection of 4 unique avatars and enjoy the colourful personalities that emerge.

Cue is ready and willing to share your world with you. Cue talks, tells jokes, laughs with you, and even sends text messages to your smart device. Cue is a fun robotic friend that you’re simply going to love!


When it comes to interactive robots, a little bit of wit is never a bad thing. Lucky then that the Wonder Workshops Cue is as witty as it gets. And that’s because Cue is powered by breakthrough Emotive AI (Artificial Intelligence) that helps to give this clever coding robot a big personality and some serious attitude!

Artificial Intelligence is the latest development in today’s interactive robotic technology. AI allows robots like Cue to behave more human-like than the boring bots of days gone by. Thanks to Wonder Workshop’s advanced AI technology, you can interact with your Cue in ways that are almost as natural as talking to a real human friend.

For instance, Cue can answer your specific questions (Cue has 30,000 different pre-programmed responses) or chat with you via text messages sent to your actual smart device. Cue is clearly the robotic equivalent to your real life text happy friends!


One of the coolest and most educational aspects of Cue comes in the form of its programming and coding features. With Cue you can program your own interactive experiences and develop your coding skills.

There are also fun games and interesting challenges for you to enjoy with Cue. This cool coding robot makes programming your own interactive experiences super fun no matter how developed your own coding experience or knowledge base is.

Much of this is possible thanks to the special Cue App that works with compatible Android and iOS based smart devices. With the Cue App you can guide your robot on his explorations of your home, write special code while switching between Block and JavaScript programming, and much, much more. Cue is ideal for users ages 11 and up, and is as much fun for adults as it is for kids.



With Wonder Workshop’s Cue, you can choose your favourite avatar (there are 4 different options to choose from, including Zest, Pep, Smirk, and Charge), and the avatar you select will determine which of Cue’s personalities you’ll get to interact with.

Each avatar has its own complex personality and unique voice. There are 2 male voices and 2 female voices, and each has its own special actions and expressions. Cue tells great jokes, answers your questions, and can even play an exhilarating game of soccer with you thanks to its 3 special built-in proximity sensors.

Cue even has colourful LED lights that glow in any colour, obstacle avoidance capabilities (it’s got a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer to help it get around more effectively), and microphones to help it hear what you say. Cue is even capable of exploring on its own, so you just never know what this cool coding robot is likely to get up to!


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