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TurboTax Overview

TurboTax Overview


Tax season is here once again, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to panic. By using the best tax software instead of trying to slog through completing a tax return on your own, you not only ensure your tax returns are filled out correctly, you also enjoy the largest possible tax refund. So trust TurboTax to do the work for you.

Intuit offers TurboTax products for any situation, from students to families, and the self-employed. The tax software’s EasyStep interview process asks the right questions to guide you through the process, while Auto-fill My Return lets you download your tax forms from the CRA and automatically transfers your data to the proper spots within your return. With just a few clicks, your tax return is filled with the most accurate and up-to-date information available, right from CRA. Just remember, a CRA My Account is required to use Auto-fill My Return.

Through the entire process, TurboTax is searching over 400 potential tax deductions and checking for accuracy. Your tax return gets a final check before submission with guaranteed maximum refund, 100% accuracy, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


We all have to file our taxes, but that doesn’t mean we all fill out the same forms, file the same information slips, or have access to the same deductions. Student, new parent, property owner, first-time investor or freelancer, TurboTax offers the best tax software for every individual.

TurboTax is ideal for students, individuals and families. The tax software automatically searches over 400 potential tax deductions to ensure the maximum possible refund. Intuit’s TurboTax also provides the ideal tax software solutions for investors, property owners, freelancers and small business owners. It covers everything from guidance for investment sales such as stock and bonds, to rental property deductions, to self-employment income, and home-based business deductions.

You get valuable guidance that ensures your tax returns are completed correctly and ready to NETFILE, while making certain you claim all the deductions you’re entitled to for the best tax refund possible.


TurboTax products are the best tax software solution for Canadians, and to prove that, they are backed by three guarantees that you can count on.

This tax software searches over 400 possible tax deductions to make certain that your tax returns offer the best possible outcome. Intuit guarantees TurboTax will find you the maximum possible refund, or smallest amount of income tax owing, or your purchase price will be refunded. Intuit guarantees calculations are 100% accurate, with a refund of any penalties or interest caused by a calculation error. And Intuit guarantees you will be satisfied with using TurboTax Online or the TurboTax CD/download versions, backing that promise with a purchase price refund.

Making completing your tax returns as painless as possible, TurboTax also offers free Canadian phone support, seven days a week during tax season. If you have technical issues, or product suggestions, Intuit is listening.


Tired of tracking down slips, double and triple checking your entries for accuracy, or calculating your carryforward amounts? TurboTax has you covered with Auto-fill My Return. The Canada Revenue Agency already has much of your current year tax information before you actually file your tax return. Auto-fill My Return lets you download the information already in your CRA My Account. TurboTax then automatically transfers your data to the proper spots within your return.

TurboTax goes beyond auto-filling tax slips. The tax software has an extremely easy to use interface. Its EasyStep Interview process asks you simple questions, using your answers to walk you through the tax form step-by-step, offering guidance the whole way. In addition, your tax returns are checked as you complete them, then double-checked before you file to ensure everything is accurate, nothing is left out, and your tax refund is the largest possible.


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  1. If I buy the CD version of Premier, will Turbotax be able to utilize CRA’s auto fill feature? Or do I have to use the online version of Turbotax?

  2. I have farm cash rent and oil surface lease rent. Question is do I need Standard or premier turbo Edtions ?

  3. Hi Bruce, I sent your question to the software team, who asked the team at TurboTax. They sent this reply

    “You only need Standard for pension income splitting and yes we have a calculator for that in product. If they buy Standard they get 8 returns so yes they can do 3.

    For future questions like this the best place to get these answers is TurboTax Answers Exchange https://ttlc.intuit.com/ We’re here to get you the tax and product support you need. Ask a question or search answers from experts and customers, 24/7.”

    Let me know if you need any other assistance,

  4. Does Turbo Tax show you how to calculate pension income splitting? Would I need the standard or premier edition? Can one Turbo Tax be used for 3 separate returns?

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