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Sonos Beam Smart Soundbar Overview

Sonos Beam Smart Soundbar Overview


Place the compact Sonos Beam soundbar beneath your flat-screen television, and enjoy wireless home theatre sound, as well as music.

It connects to a whole-home Sonos system, so you can stream music or other audio to it on its own, or as part of a set-up in every room, or certain rooms, of the home.

Enjoy fantastic sound through the slim and sleek-looking speaker, whether you’re listening to a movie or television show soundtrack, or streaming a favourite playlist from a music streaming service.

Plus, it comes with Amazon Alexa voice control built right in, so you can control playback using your voice—no buttons, controls, or apps needed.


Once it’s connected, you can use the Sonos Beam as an audio source for whatever you desire.

In addition to having it play audio from the television show, movie, news broadcast, sporting event, or other content that you’re watching on the TV, you can also use it to wirelessly play back content from other sources as well. That might include music streaming services, your own personal library of tunes, podcasts, audiobooks, or even video games.


The Sonos Beam isn’t just for music. With dialog clarity speech enhancement, you’ll be able to clearly hear the dialogue from a TV show or movie alongside the other audio, able to discern what people are saying without having to crank up the volume.

This works with DJ commentary from a radio station as well, talk radio, podcasts, audiobooks, and more.


Whether you want to play the current top hits, or listen to rocking tunes from the ‘70s, the Sonos Beam can be controlled by voice, using built-in Amazon Alexa. This means you can simply ask it to play a playlist from your favourite streaming music service (a subscription may be required), go to the next track, raise the volume, and more.

Plus, you can access other Alexa-enabled features through the Sonos Beam speaker as well, including getting answers about the weather, current news headlines, and traffic; having it tell you a joke, or read your calendar appointments aloud (with a compatible service/app.)

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