Good style should come with real substance, and the Skullcandy Venue was designed with that in mind. When you need to get away from it all and drown out all the noise, putting these on can take you away. Use the active noise cancellation to tune into your music like never before. And if you do need to hear the outside world, a simple switch filters it through.

Wireless with Bluetooth, you won’t be fiddling with wires or cables. Feel liberated without having to untangle anything. Charge them up quickly for hours of listening before heading out. Never lose your headphones when you have a way to find them. You have everything you need to create your own personal sound space every time you wear these headphones.


With active noise cancellation, your ears don’t have to work hard to make out the music over background noise. With the flick of a switch, all that ambient stuff is blocked out, leaving your tunes to flow to your ears unabated.

Wake up your digital voice assistant anytime you want and get Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa to get things done for you. Make phone calls, message friends or get directions without having to pull out your phone or take off your headphones.

Use Monitor mode to do the opposite—enhance background noise. When you need to hear an announcement or hear someone talking to you, this mode does the trick. You’re in complete control of your own space.


With soft memory foam, an adjustable headband and a lightweight frame, the Venue has the design to make every listening session comfortable. The cushions mold to your ears, helping to make sure you don’t feel itchy or constrained.

It’s not just the comfort that will keep you listening longer. The battery can keep the music going for up to 24 hours per charge with noise cancelling and Bluetooth on. Running low on battery before heading out? Let it charge for 10 minutes and you get 5 hours of playback.

When you want to conserve power, or you have the serenity you seek, use the included cable to listen in wired mode. The old school listening method will keep your battery in check.


You can get lost in whatever show or movie you’re watching, but you won’t have to worry about misplacing these headphones. The Venue features built-in Tile technology to track them anywhere.

Downloading the Tile app on iOS or Android on your smartphone lets you keep tabs on the Venue for some extra peace of mind. Within Bluetooth range, you can make it play an audible tone, in case you left it buried somewhere at home.

Anywhere beyond, report it missing and Tile’s own network of users can go to work. If any one of them walks by your headphones within Bluetooth range, you get an alert with a location to help track it down.

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