Turn down the lights, turn up the volume, and put on an amazing concert, right in your living room. With Singsation All-In-One Party Systems, you’ll be able to grab the mic and sing, dance, and dazzle everyone with an amazing light show.

From the minute you turn on a Singsation Karaoke product, the main stage is set for fun. You will love how you can easily connect wirelessly, via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet, to YouTube videos, karaoke apps, or your own favourite playlist. Once connected, enjoy singing along with your favourite tunes and your audience will be entertained by the voice effects, sound effects, and multi-colour LED lights.

With Singsation Karaoke, the party is wherever you are

If one of your dreams is to put on a solo concert, you’ll love Singsation Party Systems. With a Singsation microphone in your hand, you have full creative control over voice, sound, and room-filling light effects. Certain models of Singsation including the SPKA30, SPKA700, and SPKA800 also have two mic inputs so you can share the stage with a friend.

You’ll sound like a star thanks to voice effects that let you harmonize, use high and low pitch, or change up your voice to squeaky chipmunk. You’ll be able to kick your solo concert up a notch by adding in sound effects like air horns, cheers, applause, or a DJ scratch. While you’re singing and dancing, you can surround yourself and your audience with multi-colour and multi-mode lights that flash, strobe, and light up the stage.

Young or young at heart: everyone loves Singsation Party Systems

Setting up an amazing concert is easy with Singsation Party Systems. Anyone of any age can grab the microphone, jump up on stage, and be the center of entertainment for hours. Choose to tell jokes or put on a comedy show using voice effects, hum along with your favourite barbershop quartet tunes, or get everyone on their feet to join in the dance party.

Singsation Party Systems are  great gifts for kids or teenagers. Choose a model with a microphone stand and you can adjust the height from 2’ to 6’ or use the smartphone/tablet holder for easy access to your playlist.

Stream and sing along with your favourite YouTube songs

Whether you want to be a popstar, a rockstar, or you have country music on repeat, there’s no limit to what you can perform when you have Singsation Karaoke. It lets you stream and sing every song you’ve ever loved, with no CD’s required.

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