The Orboot AR Globe is your child’s passport to the world

Would you like to instil in your child a good knowledge of the world and its many great wonders? If teaching your child about the world is important to you, the PlayShifu Orboot Augmented Reality Globe is a great place to begin. It has you covered across six key learning categories, including maps, cultures, wildlife, and more. It’s a great 3-D way for kids to interact with their world and hear its most enchanting stories.

The Orboot Earth Globe is a unique educational toy that turns mobile devices like smart phones and tablets into a magical Augmented Reality (AR) gateway to fun and education. Making use of the special Orboot Earth app, this amazing globe comes alive with hours and hours of interactive, multilingual fun that allows your child to explore the world like never before. They can travel, virtually, to any corner of the world that they wish and explore thousands of facts through fun and educational trivia.

The whole wide world is right at their fingertips

One of the fastest and most effective ways to learn is through interactive play, and the Orboot Globe has that in spades. This includes games, over 1000 facts about the world, and 400+ unique wonders for kids to interact with. Orboot Earth not only makes learning about the world fun and interactive, but it’s got enough going on to keep kids engaged and learning for days.

Enhanced with captivating voiceovers, stories, poems, and regional music across six learning categories, including maps, monuments, cuisines, cultures, inventions, and wildlife, this amazing globe is ideal for kids ages 4-10. 

All wonders in the globe’s companion app are three-dimensional to encourage visualization and easy retention, and there are no geographical borders or country names to complicate the learning. Instead, kids engage with icons that help to identify the different regions. This globe even comes with a fun travel kit that includes a passport, stamp, and stickers. There’s something fun for every child!

Interactive learning games offer hundreds of facts and wonders

The Orboot AR Globe is packed with fun and interesting facts and wonders that kids will not only enjoy learning, but will also benefit from throughout their lives. Helping them to absorb this information are a variety of interactive learning games. These include Explore in AR, Mysteries, Oko Park, Quiz Wiz, and My Treasures. The “Explore in AR” game uses Augmented Reality to bring the globe to life in a way that children will love as they can visualize and interact with wonders like animals, landmarks, and food. Another game, “Mysteries”, allows kids to solve challenging puzzles as they traverse the globe in pursuit of glorious treasures. 

In “Oko Park”, kids are put in charge of building and maintaining their own national parks, while “Quiz Wiz” tests their newfound knowledge of the world around them with fun, fact-based, trivia challenges. Finally, “My Treasures” gives kids the opportunity to collect more than 80 different travel badges as they ‘virtually’ explore the planet.

Orboot Earth makes social and environmental sciences fun

The Orboot Augmented Reality Globe is not only fun, it’s also an award-winning educational toy that ensures high engagement and longer knowledge retention. It does so by combining tactile play with fun digital interactions that help to sensitize kids’ young and curious minds to the world’s many different cultures and peoples. 

It also sparks their imaginations and helps them to understand many faraway wonders by way of lifelike 3-D figures and imagery, as well as helping them to develop persistence and an appreciation for attention to detail. More than a simple map toy, the Orboot Augmented Reality Globe is a whole Earth toy—as well as a developmental toy and a gateway to further STEM learning. By getting your child the Orboot Earth by PlayShifu, you’re giving them knowledge and skills that will help them to open the door to a bright and successful future.

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