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Samsung Connected Appliances Overview

Samsung Connected Appliances Overview

When you bring home Samsung appliances, you don’t just have sleek, stylish new kitchen appliances that merge seamlessly into any design or remodel. The newest Samsung smart appliances let you cook and bake effortlessly, wash your dishes more efficiently, manage your grocery list, and remove dirt from your family’s clothes, all while maintaining a powerful connection to you and your home.

Choose from the newest Samsung smart appliance lineup and connect your kitchen to the  Internet Of Things. From built-in wall ovens and cooktops to ranges, dishwashers, laundry, and refrigerators, the appliances are connected to the Samsung ecosystem to provide you with a seamless experience for every task you take on.

Fluff your towels using your smartphone

When you install a Samsung laundry pair in your laundry room you’ll enjoy large capacity washing machines and dryers that offer pre-set functions, steam cycles, and quiet spins and tumbles. The newest Samsung smart washing machines and dryers also offer you the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and control your machines through the Samsung Smart Home app.

Want to tumble dry your load so it doesn’t wrinkle or quickly warm and fluff up your towels? Just pull out your smart phone, open up Samsung Smart Home, and start, stop, or select cycles, activate the Delayed start feature, or get notifications when your washing machine or dryer load is finished. Plus, if you ever experience an error message or a problem with your appliance, you can connect to Samsung Smart Care and source out the issue.

Explore culinary creativity with your Samsung smart range, cooktop, or wall oven

Preparing food, baking, and experimenting in the kitchen is always fun, but when you have Samsung smart ranges, cooktops, and wall ovens, enjoy cooking even more in a connected kitchen.

The newest Samsung connected appliances allow you to remotely check things on your smartphone like the status of your fast-boil burners or pre-heat your oven before you get home. You can power your wall oven or range on and off, change the temperature, or read the meat probe from your smartphone. With a Samsung cooktop, you can monitor your burners so you know they’re safely turned off, set cooking timers, and remotely monitor the cooktop when it’s working.

Your dishwasher’s start button is just a tap away on your smartphone

The Samsung smart appliance lineup lets you do more than just cook or do laundry. The newest Samsung smart appliances include both the Samsung Family Hub and Samsung smart dishwashers. The Samsung Family Hub is a connected refrigerator with built-in LCD screen and 3 internal cameras to manage your family’s schedule and give you a view of what’s inside your fridge.

Samsung smart dishwashers with Wi-Fi connectivity let you effortlessly scrub every dish, pot and pan, all while monitoring your dishwasher remotely. You can turn the dishwasher on or off, select or adjust your cycles, and receive a quick diagnoses.

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