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Philips Voice Tracer Overview

Philips Voice Tracer Overview



Record clear audio with reduced background noise using a Philips Voice Tracer. There are several models to suit various recording needs.

Whether you’re recording notes on-the-go, like adding items to your shopping or to-do list, conversations for school projects or work meetings, or lectures/interviews involving more than two people, there’s a model that fits. Hold one in your hand or place it on the table, press record, and you’re ready to go.

Features like speech recognition, AutoAdjust+, 3Mic AutoZoom+, and more, mean there’s no task too difficult for a Philips Voice Tracer to handle.

Who might use one? Philips Voice Tracers are great for students, singers/songwriters, journalists, or small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs), providing great value for money. Save time by avoiding having to jot down or type notes, and never miss an important thought – you can always refer back to the audio for accuracy.


If you’re capturing quick notes for class, work, inspiration for home projects, or even just adding to your shopping or to-do lists on-the-fly, a Philips Voice Tracer like the DVT2510 or DVT2710, will suit perfectly. They can capture clear voice recordings with reduced background noise, even in loud environments.

Never lose thoughts or ideas while on-the-go. That might be a quick reminder to help Billy start his science project, measurements for a small home renovation project, notes for your business meeting, or even a great potential song idea or lyric. Inspiration, after all, can hit at any moment.

2Mic recording for both the DVT2510 and DVT2710 consists of a pair of built-in stereo microphones that offer high-quality recording with crystal clear playback, and accurate speech recognition.


Whether it’s an interview, group discussion among friends for a school project, or an office meeting, Philips Voice Tracers are optimized for conversations. Get clear audio with models like the DVT8010, which has a 360-degree microphone that can capture every speaker, no matter where he’s sitting in the room – even five or more people. It comes with a convenient remote.

With AutoAdjust+, found in models like the Philips Voice Tracer DVT4010, sound parameters will be adjusted accordingly, ideal for recording more than one person at a time, like several people in a group discussion, or someone at the front of the room and those asking questions in the back. It was developed specifically for constantly changing environments.

Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition by Nuance, found in the DVT2710, can save time by transforming audio into written notes to which you can refer for your studying, work project, or interview.


Sitting in a massive lecture hall at school, or a large banquet hall listening to a keynote speaker or panel discussion? No more missing out on a key point because you couldn’t type that quickly, someone nearby was chatting, you got distracted, or misunderstood what the speaker said. Philips Voice Tracers will ensure that every important moment is captured for your review.

Models like the DVT6010 Philips Voice Tracer have features like 3Mic AutoZoom+ technology that suppresses surrounding noise, zooming in on the speaker’s voice to provide crystal clear recordings. Its motion sensor senses whether the device is in hand or on a table, adjusting the mic sensitivity accordingly.

And with the DVT8010, even if you, or the speaker, is moving around a boardroom or classroom, you’ll be able to accurately capture voices.

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  1. I would like to trade in my Sony voice recorder which I bought at Best Buy and has not lived up to its reputation. Poor quality, difficult to operate and voice recognition was not feasible. Would like to trade this in for a Philip’s. Will pay the difference in price, if any.

    • Hi Steve,

      I sent your question to the customer service department at Best Buy Canada and they will reach out to you.

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