Nextbase Dash Cams for security and peace of mind

Do you have a dash cam protecting your vehicle? You should. Whether you’re brand new to dash cams or are ready to upgrade an existing setup, a Nextbase Dash Cam is the perfect interior accessory for any vehicle. 

Nextbase Dash Cams provide peace of mind capturing high quality video footage of events outside and inside your vehicle. Among their many exceptional features is Image Stabilization—to reduce the effects of vibrations while driving and ensure crystal clear video quality so you always capture every crucial detail of any event or incident.

Other Nextbase features include Intelligent Parking Modes, Incident Aware, 4K/HD cinematic quality video with both front and rear facing camera compatibility, 911 Emergency SOS, and even smart features like the What3words Geolocation System and Amazon Alexa smart voice assistant. Nextbase Dash Cams even have both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Featuring cinematic quality HD video

Nextbase is always innovating and pushing the envelope, which is why models like the 622GW capture footage in brilliant 4K high definition. In fact, this is the first high definition dash cam with the ability to capture cinematic quality video footage. 

The 622GW also records at a speed of 30fps, making it capable of capturing the tiniest details with great clarity. This is useful in reading the information off of license plates and street signs, as well as honing in on other critical pieces of recorded information. If something unexpected happens to you while driving, this camera is the perfect eye witness. 

Other features of the 622GW include the ability to play back video in super slow motion at 120 frames per second, making it easy to isolate the specific frames where an incident plays out. This will allow you to uncover the pertinent details of any incident or accident. It will even allow you to capture magnificent scenery such as a beautiful oceanside drive or the perfect sunset while driving.

With powerful studio software, including Amazon Alexa

Nextbase is also on the cutting edge of dash cam software innovation. Beginning with the 622GW model, Nextbase became the first manufacturer to produce a 4K dash cam with Amazon’s Alexa built in. Alexa’s inclusion simplifies drivers’ lives by helping them to keep their focus on the road and their attention on the task of driving.

The 622GW is also equipped with MyNextbase Skill, which gives drivers the ability to control their camera with simple voice commands. For instance, users can simply say “Start recording,” ”Take a picture,” or “Stop recording,” and the camera will respond accordingly.

There’s even an Intelligent Parking Mode that helps to protect your vehicle when you’re parked. This system uses a finely tuned G-Force detection system that automatically triggers recording when something bumps into your vehicle. If a bump or similar incident occurs while your vehicle is parked and unattended, you can be sure that all the pertinent details will be captured on video.

World’s first dash cam to integrate What3words

Nextbase is the world’s first manufacturer to integrate What3words into some of its dash cams. This geocode system is capable of accurately pinpointing your physical location in the event of an emergency or accident, which could potentially save your life. 

What3Words can also help users that get lost in an unfamiliar location. If this were to happen, What3Words could locate your vehicle and share its location with emergency services personnel and/or roadside assistance—and it does so without the need of any data connection.

Nextbase dash cam models 322GW and up now also have an Emergency SOS feature built in. This system can alert emergency services in the event that the vehicle’s driver is unresponsive. In addition to providing first responders with the vehicle’s GPS location, Emergency SOS is also capable of sharing personal information like the driver’s medical history, blood type, and even any allergies they may have.

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