MyGEKOgear dash cams protect you and your vehicle 

Are you a cautious driver? No matter what the answer, you probably value your vehicle enough to want to protect it from all manner of incidents and accidents while on the road, which you can easily and effectively do with MyGEKOgear’s great dash cams. 

With 2 fine models to choose from—the MyGEKOgear Orbit 500 and the MyGEKOgear Orbit 956, you’ll enjoy powerful and convenient features that will ensure every crucial moment of any mishap you encounter is captured in crystal clear video quality, even when you car is parked.  

These features include HD video footage, loop recording, instant file access via Wi-Fi connectivity and the handy Orbit Cam app, easy installation in your vehicle, and more. Additionally, each individual camera has its own unique features, including things like GPS logging, protected incident video, and 24/7 recording, which means that you can choose the MyGEKOgear dash cam model that best serves your needs.

MyGEKOgear Orbit 500 Dash Cam

The MyGEKOgear Orbit 500 is a Full HD 1080p dash cam offering clear video footage of everything you’ll encounter while driving. Equipped with a 12 Volt power charger and a plug-and-play OBD II power cable as an additional power connection, the Orbit 500 is quick and easy for anyone to install without the help of a professional. 

The OBD II power cable also allows you to record when your vehicle’s ignition is turned off, meaning the camera can record footage 24/7 in the event that something happens while your car is parked and you are not present. In the case of low battery voltage, the OBD II has a low voltage protection feature that protects your car’s battery by automatically cutting the power.

Among the benefits of 24/7 recording is the fact that you won’t have to worry about someone bothering your parked vehicle. Constant recording protects your car against theft, and it will also capture such events as a hit and run.

MyGEKOgear Orbit 956 Dash Cam

The MyGEKOgear Orbit 956 is another great dash cam model, only this one offers both forward-facing and rear-facing lenses. As a dual recording dash cam, the Orbit 956 provides TRUE Ultra HD 4K footage in the front and crystal clear 1080p footage in the rear. 

The 956 also has a Time Lapse Playback feature that continuously logs your speed and location and allows you to make special time lapse recordings of your travels. This makes it the ideal dash cam to take with you on a road trip. And, since it offers amazing footage in both directions, you’ll be able to create unforgettable memories as you go.

Also included are a 150° wide-angle view that allows you to capture every detail of what happens on the road. This includes potentially vital evidence in the event of an accident, such as license plate numbers and road signs. And, thanks to its GPS Logging feature, you’ll always know where you’ve been and how fast you were driving, which could be very useful as evidence.

MyGEKOgear dash cams additional common features

Both the Orbit 500 and Orbit 956 share a number of common features. For instance, both models have Seamless Loop Recording and Protected Incident Video. With Loop recording, everything that happens while you’re driving will be captured, while G-sensor enabled recording prevents key incident footage from being overwritten. The G-sensor, which detects collisions and locks-in the relevant footage, will ensure that your most important clips will always be protected and saved.

Both dash cam models are also fully Wi-Fi enabled, giving you complete and easy access to recorded video footage at any time via your smart phone and the “Orbit Cam” app. With this functionality in place, you’ll be able to view, download, save, and share your dash cam footage directly from your phone without having to continually remove and replace a tiny Micro SD card. What could be easier?

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  1. I bought the dash cam, it has good features and had what I was looking for that was the parking.mode and the motion mode but I was not aware I have to hardwire a power source when the engine is off to have these to.keep the camera with power.

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