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Fuji Instax Square SQ6 camera Overview

Fuji Instax Square SQ6 camera Overview

It’s point and snap simple to capture an instant photo when you have a FUJIFILM Instax SQUARE SQ6 Instant Camera. Thanks to the square format film, you’ll  never have to spend a second wondering whether to snap in portrait or landscape. Just pick it up, click the shutter, and enjoy prints that are 1.5 times the size of Instax mini prints.

With Selfie, Macro, and Landscape modes you can snap a self portrait, zoom in close on your favourite subject, or take in an entire landscape. Auto exposure control lets you shoot all types of scenes, whether in the light or the dark. There’s also filters that let you add a touch of creativity to every photo you shoot.


Snap the best selfie with Instax SQUARE

When life takes you on an adventure, you want to be in front of the lens as much as behind it. With the Fujifilm Instax SQUARE Instant Camera, you’ll always have the opportunity to put your best face forward.

Snap an instant picture of a friend or make yourself the focus of the photo with Selfie Mode. Also known as Selfie Mirror, Selfie Mode lets you take a peek at the entire capture area of your selfie in a mirror that’s next to the lens. Selfie Mode will take into consideration the brightness of your setting and automatically adjust the scene, while focal length will be kept to the ideal level for capturing the perfect selfie.


Get up close or take in the big picture with Instax Macro and Landscape Mode

When you have an Instant Camera, you expect you’ll be able to capture a fun, instant photo of yourself or your friends. What you might not expect is that your Instant Camera will also offer you versatility when shooting that fun, instant picture.

With the Fujifilm Instax SQUARE Instant Camera, you can explore your creativity by choosing between Macro mode and Landscape Mode. Macro Mode will take you up close and let you capture everything from nature shots to your best friend’s smile, all at a close range of 30cm-50cm. With Landscape Mode you can relax, kick back, and take in your favourite vista at a distance of 2m and beyond.


Shoot on Square Film in any light, instantly

An instax SQUARE Instant Camera lets you capture a photo and puts a square print in your hand that you’ll want to share right away. Just because it works quickly doesn’t mean you won’t have a great photo every time you hit the shutter button. Thanks to Auto Exposure Control on the Fujifilm Instax SQUARE Instant Camera, you can brighten your subjects and background, even in low light or night scenes.

Once you’ve framed the perfect scene, you can attach filters to your flash before you press the shutter button. Choose purple, green, and orange for an artistic feel, or play with double exposure and light or dark modes to add a touch of creativity to your pics.


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