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Fitbit Ace Overview

Fitbit Ace Overview


The CDC recommends that kids get at least 60 minutes of activity every day. Good health starts with good habits. And you can help get kids moving with the Fitbit Ace, an activity tracker designed for kids aged 8 and older.

With a secure and adjustable band designed for growing kids, alongside a showerproof tracker, Ace is built to withstand splashes or accidental spills, a game of soccer or even a few cartwheels—and with a battery that lasts up to five days, kids can track their activities all day and night, and have fun doing it.


Ace allows kids to take ownership in setting and achieving their own goals. Kids get a real-time look at how much activity they’re engaging in, and can make adjustments accordingly. Ace wearers and/or their parents can set daily goals for steps and active minutes, and track progress through the day.

Daily stats appear on Ace’s bright screen, as well as in the Fitbit app. To get started, parents are required to set up an account for kids aged 12 and younger, and activate a kid’s view, so their little ones are able to see their own progress as well, including overall results, and badges.

The app can also be used to change the clock face, selecting from 10 different designs to suit a child’s individual personality and style.


The Fitbit Ace will buzz with celebratory messages once a child hits his daily goals for activity and/or steps, and will reward him with achievement badges when he reaches important milestones. This makes every step a child takes exciting, and a literal step toward a goal.

Friendly on-screen messages can also be sent to the child to remind him to move if they’ve been stationary for too long, encouraging them to remain active all day.

Older kids who have their own smartphones or tablets can get buzzes for call notifications as well, with select devices, so they’ll always be connected to what’s important.


Have fun and friendly competitions among family members and friends, to see who can get the most steps by setting up step challenges.

During an active competition, you can send messages to one another, and even cheer the kids on as they approach reaching a goal. This can help motivate them to try harder, and it also makes fitness a family affair, allowing everyone to join in on the fun.


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