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DJI Spark Overview

DJI Spark Overview


Are you a drone enthusiast that loves taking selfies and professional quality video and photographs? If this sounds like you, you’ll want to keep on reading to learn all about the great new innovations to the DJI Spark—the pint-sized drone with massive capabilities!

The DJI Spark has been a highly respected photography drone ever since its initial release in 2017. With its high-quality camera, 2-axis mechanical gimbal, and super compact design, the Spark is your pocket’s perfect companion. Take it anywhere and everywhere, and assure yourself of top quality video and photographs with every single flight.

And, thanks to the Spark’s highly innovative intelligent flight controls, you neither have to be a drone piloting expert nor a top-notch photographer to have a great flight experience and get amazing image results. The Spark is the ideal flying camera for professionals and amateurs alike—a first rate selfie drone that simply can’t be beat!


For those that like to get their drones up and flying quickly (rather than messing with a whole lot of pre-flight prep), the DJI Spark’s all new Quick Launch feature is a very exciting development.

This feature, which uses FaceAware facial recognition technology to set the launch process in motion, allows the Spark to engage its rotors and take off immediately and automatically just by recognizing your face upon power up.

Simply place the Spark in the palm of your hand at arm’s length and facing you, and once you hit the power button 3 times, the Spark will see and recognize your face and lift off and hover before you within just a few seconds.

You won’t have to waste time messing around with other devices or apps to get your drone in the air. Simply follow the straightforward steps, and the Spark will be airborne in no time!


One of the top drone innovations to ever come along is the Spark’s inclusion of Hand Gesture Controls, which allow you to easily operate your drone and get it to do what you want—hands free.

For instance, you can use a simple hand gesture to get the Spark to take your photo after a  brief delay that’ll give you plenty of opportunity to strike the perfect pose.

Similarly, with a simple gesture you can direct the Spark to fly left, right, higher, lower, or even to back away and take up a position whereby it can track, follow, and record your every movement in crystal clear HD quality.

When it’s time to come in for a landing, you can even direct the Spark to float lightly down into the palm of your hand—from where it initially took off. The entire process is so smooth and simple that it almost seems like magic.


For the perfect video or image every single time, the DJI Spark features a 2-axis mechanical gimbal to steady your every shot.

If you’re a filmmaker or photographer—whether professional or amateur, you likely already understand the importance of a high quality gimbal to smooth out your videos and clearly focus your stills. And that’s because a gimbal holds your camera steady even when the holder of the camera (whether a human or a drone) isn’t necessarily steady.

Thus, even when the Spark experiences turbulence during flight, its mechanical gimbal will still ensure that the camera remains perfectly still. This means that even in less than ideal conditions, you’ll still enjoy the full benefit of clearly focused 12MP photos and smooth FHD video resolution recorded at 1920×1080 30p.

Whether you’re taking a fun selfie, shooting a beautiful landscape, or framing a serious marketing photo, you always want the assurance of amazing image quality. With the DJI Spark, you’ve got it!


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