Gift cards are the gift of choice, perfect for many people on your list. Beginning on “Giving Tuesday” (November 28) Best Buy e-gift cards will have amazing holiday sweater designs, featuring the artwork of BGC Club members. But more importantly, for each holiday themed gift card sold, Best Buy will contribute $1 to BGC clubs across the country. Learn more about Giving Tuesday and Best Buy’s ongoing partnership with BGC Canada (formerly Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada).

Giving Tuesday encourages us to do good

Improving the world is possible when we all work together. That’s the basic premise of GivingTuesday, “a movement that encourages people to do good.” For the last two years beginning on Giving Tuesday, Best Buy has launched a limited-edition holiday-themed paper bag with our long-time partner, BGC Canada (formerly Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada). Each bag featured artwork by BGC Club members, and 25 cents from the purchase of each bag were donated to BGC Canada. That holiday campaign raised over almost $120,000 to buy tech for Clubs across the country!

This year Best Buy is partnering with BGC for the holidays in a new way. We know many of our customers will be purchasing gift cards online at By donating $1 for each holiday-themed e-gift card sold (up to $75,000), we know we can help purchase a lot of technology for BGC Clubs across the country. And by creating a special BGC Canada e-gift card, we’re featuring the artwork of Club members in a fun and creative way.

This donation campaign will run from November 28 to December 31, 2023, and special edition BGC e-gift cards will available online at the same time. Best Buy gift cards can be applied to the huge range of products found online at and in any of our stores.


How much of this campaign is going to BGC Canada?

$1 from the purchase of each holiday-themed gift card will be donated to BGC Canada, up to a maximum of $75,000. The campaign runs from November 28 (Giving Tuesday) until December 31, 2023.

Why are we launching this initiative on Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is the global movement that encourages giving back on the Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We chose this date for the launch of this campaign to highlight our long-time partnership with BGC Canada.

How long does this campaign run for?

This campaign runs from November 28 (Giving Tuesday) until December 31, 2023.

Where is the special edition BGC gift card available?

The e-gift card featuring artwork by BGC Club members is only available for purchase on

Was the artwork on the e-gift card created by a BGC Club member?

Yes – earlier this year, we ran a contest for BGC Club members to submit their artwork to be considered for this project. The eGift card features art by ten different BGC Club members from across Canada.

Where can I learn more about Best Buy Canada’s social impact initiatives?

To learn more about Best Buy Canada’s national social impact programs, including School Tech Grants, Geek Squad Academy, and BGC Grade 10 Scholarships, visit:

What does BGC Canada do?

Formerly known as Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, BGC Canada provides safe, supportive places where kids and teens can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships, and develop confidence and skills for life. Over 200,000 kids and teens are served every year by BGCs in 736 different club locations across Canada.

How has Best Buy Canada supported BGC Canada over the past 20+ years?

For the past two decades, Best Buy has supported BGC Canada in many ways:

  • Since 2001 we have provided more than $3 million in scholarships to more than 400 students through our Best Buy Grade 10 Scholarship Program
  • Over the holidays our employees support BGC families through our Holiday Hamper program
  • During COVID we partnered with Lenovo and donated laptops to 650 BGC kids so they could stay connected when it mattered most
  • Many of our stores partner with local BGC Clubs and give back by volunteering their time and providing technology donations to Clubs
  • We partnered with BGC on our very first Geek Squad Academy in Canada and since then we have awarded camps to more BGC Clubs than any other organization
  • More recently, we’ve provided funding for microgrants that help young people create anti-racism initiatives, and supported many of BGC’s equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) initiatives
  • In 2021 we opened our first Teen Tech Centre in Canada at a BGC Club where youth can experience cutting-edge technology and build a strong foundation of skills to help open doors for their future career

Who do you know who would love a Best Buy Gift Card this holiday season

A Best Buy gift card is as an ideal gift for a wide range of recipients, including teens, young couples, and new parents, due to its versatility and the vast array of products available at Best Buy.

For Teens: In today’s digital age, teenagers are more tech-savvy and connected than ever before. A Best Buy gift card provides them with the freedom to choose from the latest gadgets, video games, or accessories that align with their interests. Whether it’s a new pair of headphones, the latest gaming console, or even a laptop for school, Best Buy’s extensive inventory ensures that teens can find something that not only excites them but also serves a practical purpose in their daily lives.

For Young Couples: Young couples often find themselves in the process of building or enhancing their shared living spaces. A Best Buy gift card can be a thoughtful gift, offering them the flexibility to select items that best suit their needs and tastes. From state-of-the-art kitchen appliances to home entertainment systems, Best Buy offers a range of products that can help in creating a comfortable and enjoyable home environment. This gift card allows couples to make decisions together and invest in something that will add value to their shared experiences.

For New Parents: The arrival of a new child is a joyful yet demanding time, often requiring new gadgets and appliances. Best Buy’s selection includes a variety of baby monitors, smart home devices, and time-saving appliances, all of which can significantly ease the transition into parenthood. A gift card allows new parents to choose exactly what they need, whether it’s a device to ensure the safety and comfort of their baby or a gadget to simplify household chores, giving them more time to spend with their newborn.

What would you get if you received one of the new holiday themed Best Buy gift cards under your tree?

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