You will have seen Best Buy Kiosks in airports as you ran from flight to flight—large blue boxes with the Best Buy logo on the side. These kiosks are sophisticated vending machines that stock must-haves like Bluetooth headphones, digital storage devices, and accessories that are accessible to you within seconds. You can find these kiosks at almost every major airport in Canada.

What can you buy from Best Buy Kiosks?

The Kiosks are stocked with products designed to make your travels more convenient. Inside them, you’ll find a large headphones assortment—Bluetooth, wired, in-ear, and on-ear, as well as portable speakers, SD cards, adapters, charging cables, and more.

You won’t have to worry about the quality of your purchase either since each kiosk has offerings from brand names you’ll know and love. Look out for well-known, quality brands like Apple, Samsung, Bose, Beats, and Sony.

All products for purchase in the kiosks are priced the same as on and are covered by our Low Price Guarantee. In addition, any qualified purchase can be returned through a Best Buy store, Best Buy Mobile, or You can use a valid credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, and your NFC-enabled phone tap to pay for your purchase.

Best Buy Kiosk customer support

If you have any questions regarding your Kiosk purchase, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call 1-866-BEST-BUY (1-866-237-8289) or chat live with our agents who are available 24/7. The customer associate can help generate a product receipt, answer questions regarding card charges, and help with product returns.

Best Buy Canada Kiosk locations

ProvinceKiosk #Kiosk Location
British Columbia850Vancouver Airport (YVR) Gate 52
 852Vancouver Airport (YVR) Gate 70
 853Vancouver Airport (YVR) Gate 13
 854Vancouver Airport (YVR) Gate 47
855Vancouver Airport (YVR) Gate 76
 868Vancouver Airport (YVR) Gate 38
 856Kelowna Airport (YLW)
 869Abbotsford Airport (YXX)
Alberta863Calgary Airport (YYC) TD Gate 41
 864Calgary Airport (YYC) Near Starbucks
 865Edmonton Airport (YEG) Gate 18
 866Edmonton Airport (YEG) Gate 66
Saskatchewan871Regina Airport (YQR) Regina
Manitoba861Winnipeg Airport (YWG) Gate 10
 862Winnipeg Airport (YWG) Gate 4
 Ontario858Ottawa Airport (YOW) Gate 15
 859Ottawa Airport (YOW) Gate 24
 867Hamilton Airport (YHM)
 Quebec857Quebec City Airport (YQB)
Newfoundland860St. John’s International Airport (YYT)

Look out for a Best Buy Kiosk at a Canadian airport and ensure that you are never without your travel tech essentials.

Best Buy
Best Buy is one of Canada’s largest and most successful retailers, operating the Best Buy (, Best Buy Mobile, and Geek Squad ( brands.


  1. Hello.
    I have a technical question about the kiosks. I am a volunteer at an airport in Alberta, and I tried to help a passenger with a purchase at the kiosk.
    He bought a Samsung charger with a Mastercard and the charger was not delivered by the machine. There was one charger of the model he tried to buy in the machine , we could see it. Because his phone was completely out of battery, he could not call the help line so I called the 1866 number for him. I had no help from the technician, who insisted in getting info from the passenger (confirmation of cc charge, etc.) that he did not have due to his phone being dead.
    My question is: Do you have remote access to the machines? Can you see the stock? Can you see the transactions? Can you shut down the machine remotely? Who can we access that would help us in person?


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