tech to achieve feature imageHere at Best Buy, we’re all about providing our customers with the tools they need to keep on growing, helping them pursue their passions and enrich their lives with the help of technology. But we also recognize that in addition to the right tools, we also need the right people in our lives to guide us, teach us, and help us reach that next level in our development.

For Back to School this year, we want to celebrate those people, those teachers who faced a year of unexpected challenges and adapted to them, arming themselves with the right tech to keep teaching so that we can all keep learning.

To do so, we partnered with two prominent content creators: multidisciplinary designer Will Selviz and visual storyteller Tyler Stalman. Check out the videos below to see how we helped each of them reconnect with an influential mentor, while giving them tech and tools to fully show their appreciation to people who’ve made a huge impact in their lives.

Will Selviz, Multi-Dimensional Designer from Toronto, thanks an influential mentor who helped with his career development and discusses the value of paying it forward as a mentor himself.

microsoft surface proWill was a co-facilitator for a program led by Jessica Yamoah, Founder and CEO of INNOVATE INC. The program gives youth access to professionals and corporate settings to raise awareness about career paths in business, innovation, and technology. Karl was one of the youth who participated in the program, and as a result Will mentors him today. Will’s organization: RENRD FOUNDATION is focused on digital design. They collaborate with Jessica, other industry leaders, and organizations who support their work to provide mentorship, direct access to industry standard equipment, and culturally diverse programming.

In the video, Will discusses how creating 3-D animations and other 3-D work requires special equipment and he knows he can count on Best Buy to have the technology he needs, like many Microsoft technologies he showed in the video including the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Tyler Stalman from Calgary thanks the high school teacher who encouraged his creativity and interest in video production

sony zv1 vlogging cameraTyler showed several devices that are ideal for anyone learning or teaching video production. These include the ideal vlogging companion, a Sony Cyber-shot ZV-1 Digital Camera; the compact and light Deity D4 DUO Microphone for crystal clear audio indoors and outdoors; a Manfrotto Beefree Live Aluminum tripod and Zhiyun Weebill-S gimbal stabilizer, two products essential for high resolutions still and smooth and steady video footage; and to store the footage and enable fast data transfer to a computer for processing, a Lexar Professional 128GB memory card.

Who inspired you to learn

Having the right tech while learning is very important; but we also need to meet wonderful teachers and mentors along our educational journey. We all have a story to tell of one or more teachers who elevated our learning or inspired us. I can think of several in my life, and I also have one teacher from when my children were in school: their grade 3 teacher, Mr. Bonenfant, inspired me to be a better parent with his amazing teaching style and patience. Let us know about the tech you think is essential for learning and who inspired you. Enter below and nominate one teacher or mentor for a chance for you or the person you nominate to win a $750 Best Buy gift certificate.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter once for yourself and once for someone you know:

  1. Leave a comment below this article and tell us the first name of a mentor who helped you learn and what tech available at Best Buy do you consider to be essential for students going back to school
  2. Send an email to ““ AND CC a teacher or mentor so they are aware that you entered them in this contest. In the subject line put: “What tech will help you achieve contest” and in the body of the email tell us which teacher or mentor you are nominating to win this contest and why.

NOTE: do not put your teacher or mentor’s last name or personal email in the comments below; they should only be mentioned in the email.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will randomly select one winner from all comments left on the blog article for this contest (French and English) AND randomly select two winners from all nominations sent via email so the person nominated can win the prize. Each winner will receive a Best Buy Canada Gift Certificate worth $750.

This contest runs from August 30th until September 30th.

Remember you can enter once for yourself in a blog comment AND once for a teacher or mentor who inspired you in an email as mentioned above.

What will tech help us achieve Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck


  1. My mentor is my daughter Angela who has taught me about tech & helps me with tech issues I may have.
    Any laptop available at Best Buy is essential for students going back to school.

  2. My mentor was Shirley who taught me at an early age to keep up with and learn technology that not only enhances my abilities but that excites me at the chance of learning. Take opportunities to learn when offered, ask questions and enjoy your reward of technology and learning during your lifetime. I have taken her advise but been out of the loop due to illness. Would like to make up for that time with the latest technology now. Would be thrilled and very grateful to win to obtain a favourite laptop at Bestbuy. I would use this technology to obtain work at home.

  3. My mentor is my husband, he taught me everything i know about computers and HP 14″ Laptop would be essential for back to school.

  4. my first mentor would have been my father since we grew up on a farm and learned first hand from him the challenges you have to face in life , a laptop these days is a must for pretty much each of us to help stay in touch with others during the Pandemic

  5. My mentor is my daughter Desaray. She has been my support , cheerleader, tech expert when i was frustrated and wanted to give up. Without her grounding me and helping me, i don’t think i would have completed the tasks asked of me. I owe her so much. A must for students (Desaray is one of them and can vouch for this) is a good quality laptop with long lasting battery life and enough storage space for all the notes, readings that post secondary students are inundated with .

  6. My mentor was George who inspired me to do more in tech. Crucial tool needed to succeed in school is a good laptop.

  7. My mentor was Bob, one of my high school English teachers. He inspired everyone to think outside the box long before it became the popular thing to do. Although some say he was unconventional the results spoke for themselves

  8. My mentor is my Mom who taught me a lot about everything and invested all of her life in my future! Best Buy sells Chromebooks, which I consider to be essential for students going back to school.

  9. My first mentor was Jane she always said there is more than one way to get the job done it doesn’t always have to be my way. Always have your HP laptop with you to take notes on

  10. My first mentor was my mom. She encouraged me to learn all I can, and do my best. A good laptop is a must for students.

  11. My mentor was Gérard who taught me about working hard. The HP Pavilion 27″ All-in-One PC – White (Intel Core i5-10400T/512GB SSD/16GB RAM/Windows 10) is an essential item for a students desk area to do homework and if need be, study online.

  12. Shelly my mentor who helped me get into UNIX world. A good basic laptop is essential for students going back to school

  13. To add to my comment below, for students going back to school I believe iPads are a must for note-taking (with the Notability app) and MacBooks are obviously gems as well – mine has lasted me 10+ years and is still in great shape.

  14. My mentor was my older sister, Anna, who always made sure I was keeping up with the latest technology, recommending tech such as an iPad for University and wireless headphones for running

  15. My mentor is Christina. The tech that students to succeed in their learning is a HP laptop (15.6″ – Natural Silver – Intel Core i5-8265U/512GB SSD/8GB RAM/Windows 10).

  16. My mentor Dale helped me learn how to develop a career in my field, and the Logitech C920S Pro 1080p HD Webcam is essential for students going back to school for meetings with team members.

  17. My first mentor’s name was Jay. He was so helpful and patient in helping me through my early learning. I believe a Apple iPad Pro 11″ 256GB with Wi-Fi and Apple AirPods In-Ear Truly Wireless Headphones are essential for new tech for back to school.

  18. My mentor’s first name was Clifford and he taught chemistry in the most interesting way. An Apple MacBook Air would really aid any student going back to school.

  19. Melanie has helped me learn. She’s inspiring and patient with me.

    A Chromebook, available at Best Buy is essential for students going back to school.

  20. My mentor is my best friend Alex who is an IT professional. I need a new laptop so that I can finally start computer gaming with him.

  21. John is a Youtuber who first sparked my interest in tech about 14 years ago. I think some essential tech that BestBuy sells would be an M1 MacBook Air for those young university students starting school this year.

  22. My mentor was Janet who helped me get started and I think that an ipad air and a MacBook Pro 16-inch would help anyone with their productivity. I also think the Sony WH-1000XM4 Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones would be a great addition.

  23. My mentor was a math teacher. I don’t remember his first name. Back then, we did not call them by their first name. I will name him Cal (short for Calculator).
    A good noise cancelling headphone is critical for a student taking a remote class so you can hear the teacher clearly,

  24. My Collegue – Lisa encouraged me to join the Computer Department and go on to become a Computer Programmer and recently, a Video Game Animation and Design Associate Graduate with Distinction from the Toronto Film School Online 😀
    Essential back to school item is the HP 15.6″ Laptop!

  25. JoJo is my mentor. I never learned anything about technology, don’t own a smartphone or a tablet. JoJo learned about technology before the PC existed and computers were as big as a basement. She taught me everything I know, which still isn’t very much, but every time I run into a problem with the TV or my desktop she is always there to bail me out!

  26. My teacher in Biology – Jennifer – is my mentor. She taught me to utilize my Laptop to its’ fullest potential. She is a credit to the teaching profession.


    As a seasoned professional, Steve became my mentor when I embarked on a university internship at a local company. He imparted his knowledge, expertise and wisdom. This allowed me to define a career path during a critical point in my life.

    Through his authenticity, empathy, creativity and honesty, I found the strength and support to be successful in future pursuits. Unfortunately due to downsizing he lost his job. I’d love to win a Best Buy gift card to show him my appreciation for going above and beyond. This would be a full circle moment.

    I know he could really use a new computer. The one I’d recommend for going back to school and him is a Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 12.4″ Touchscreen Laptop – Sandstone (Intel i5-1035G1/128GB SSD/8GB RAM.

    ❤ Thanks for your kind consideration ❤

    Jo-Ann Samo

  28. JoJo is my mentor. I never learned anything about technology, don’t own a smartphone or a tablet. JoJo learned about technology before the PC existed and computers were as big as a basement. She taught me everything I know, which still isn’t very much, but every time I run into a problem with the TV or my desktop she is always there to bail me out!

  29. Louise has been an amazing mentor. She always remains composed when betting met with any technological challenge and is awesome with finding ways to use technology to make her everyday tasks easier to complete. Chromebooks and/or laptops are so ideal for going back to school.

  30. Ma première conseillère était ma mère Shawna. Elle m’a inspiré et m’a montré le genre de femme que je voudrais être. Pour les enfants qui vont à l’école aujourd’hui, je pense qu’ils auraient besoin d’un bon casque pour l’école en ligne. Une imprimante serait également utile.

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