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Samsung is always at the forefront of technology, in video and audio, mobile devices, even appliances. This year, artificial intelligence (AI) is central to the brand’s diverse line of products. This includes wireless, home theatre, appliances, and more. These exciting new products will be highlighted at the Discover Samsung shopping event, taking place at Best Buy stores from May 24 through June 6, 2024.

Want to learn more about AI technology, how it is being used to enhance Samsung products, and how you can use it to improve your experiences at home and on the go? This event will educate you about the latest AI features, and provide access to some great deals, too.

Galaxy AI for mobile enhances productivity, fosters creativity

Interpreter feature on Samsung Galaxy devices

Galaxy AI for mobile is now available in a variety of Samsung Galaxy devices. This includes the latest S24 series smartphones and tablets. The baked-in technology can help you do everything from translate phone calls in real time to intelligently enhance, reposition, and improve photos.

Samsung S24 Circle to Search

Access the handy Circle to Search feature from Google. With this feature, you can circle, scribble on, or tap an image to instantly learn more about it without leaving the app you’re in.

The Live translate feature lets you have seamless conversations across different languages. Just speak into your device, and it will translate your words in real time, breaking down language barriers effortlessly.

The Note Assist feature goes a step further by making your note-taking experience smarter and more efficient. Whether you’re jotting down quick thoughts or important meeting minutes, Note Assist can transcribe, organize, and even enhance your notes using AI-powered insights.

Samsung Galaxy AI for mobile makes it easier to talk to friends in another language. It helps you get more creative with photos. AI assists in content creation like e-mails, improves the search experience, and more. AI technology is one of the most exciting enhancements for Samsung mobile devices. At this event, you’ll learn all about it.

Improved picture, audio, gaming, and more with home theatre AI

Samsung 4K UHD HDR Neo QLED Tizen Smart TV

Looking for a new living room TV? Samsung’s latest line of TVs and home theatre products boasts AI technologies. These help provide a smoother, nicer picture, along with enhanced audio to go along with it. You might be watching a TV show or movie, immersed in your favourite sports or special sporting events, listening to music, or gaming. Whatever the case, AI technology is designed to intelligently adapt to the content on screen while saving energy in the process.

Imagine seeing every detail with clarity, fabulous colour reproduction, and smooth motion. Feel like you’re right there as an athlete races across the screen to make it to the finish line or score a point. Get fully immersed in an action movie as a character engages in a high-speed car chase scene. Or you seek out rivals with greater precision in a first-person shooter video game.

Samsung AI processor for TV

Features like the NQ8 AI Gen 2 processor and AI Motion Enhancer Pro in the latest Samsung TVs sharpen and smooth out motion of objects and text. 8K AI upscaling technology powered by 256 AI neural networks transforms content into near-8K resolution which helps sharpen images and boost resolution.

With the AI customization mode, your TV will automatically detect what content is being displayed and will auto-adjust the picture settings to your content. Meanwhile, the AI Auto game mode delivers a unique setting for each game type. Additionally, the AI Energy mode intelligently optimizes power consumption, ensuring your viewing experience is both eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

Samsung TVs are available in small and ultra-large sizes, complemented by Samsung speakers and soundbars. You can rest assured there’s a model to outfit any room of the home. Enjoy a home theatre experience that’s more lifelike and immersive than ever before.

Samsung appliances are smarter with AI

Samsung Bespoke AI

Yes, AI is crossing over into your kitchen and laundry room with new appliances, too. Samsung’s stylish Bespoke AI appliances go beyond traditional smart connectivity to help you save money, time, and energy. Samsung AI refrigerators, for example, have AI Vision Inside that can recognize dozens of common food items you put in and take out. This helps you keep an ongoing, always updated grocery list.

Bespoke washers and dryers can remember your family’s needs and intelligently adjust the wash or dry cycle accordingly. These laundry appliances come equipped with intelligent AI features that elevate the traditional laundry routine, offering a personalized, efficient, and hassle-free experience.

The AI Opti Wash and Dry feature ensures that your laundry is always washed and dried under optimal conditions. By analyzing the type of fabrics and the level of soiling, it adjusts the water usage, detergent amount, and drying time, making sure that your clothes come out perfectly clean and dry without any guesswork.

AI Laundry Combo combines washing and drying functions for a seamless laundry experience. This feature not only saves time by handling both tasks in one cycle but also ensures that each garment receives the perfect treatment, thus preserving fabric quality and extending the life of your clothing.

Laundry Hub acts as the central brain of your laundry appliances that integrates all AI features and connects to your smart home ecosystem. From scheduling cycles remotely to receiving notifications and maintenance alerts, it provides an unparalleled level of convenience and control over your laundry tasks.

With an internal oven camera and the SmartThings app, you can keep an eye on the cook from a compatible Samsung Bespoke range from wherever you are in the home (or out). Additionally, the AI Home feature offers intelligent cooking assistance, providing recipe recommendations and precise cooking settings to ensure your meals are perfectly prepared every time.

All Samsung Bespoke appliances have built-in Wi-Fi and AI chips. With this, they work seamlessly with the SmartThings app so you can focus on the most important things while AI takes care of the rest.

Discover why Samsung is one of the best brands for AI in the home

Samsung offers a diverse line of tech products spanning every category; from the home theatre to on-the-go mobile tech, and appliances. Samsung products work cohesively together so they truly create a smart home. AI technology adds another level of intelligence so you get the most out of the latest products. With AI, the latest tech gear can truly cater to your personal lifestyle, needs, and habits.

Whether you’re outfitting a new home, upgrading outdated tech, or redesigning a room, the Discover Samsung Shopping Event is worth checking out. It’s running May 24 through June 6 at select Best Buy stores. Samsung has you covered with tech you can use inside the home and out, monitor from wherever you are, and that, thanks to AI, offers a truly personalized experience.

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