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  1. Looking for slide web cam covers for laptop computers. Is this something you are looking to add to your accessory product line?

  2. Hi. I am wondering if you could help me in making a decision on an appropriate sized patio umbrella for my patio table. I am looking at free standing umbrellas. My table is 5 and a half feet in length and 3 and a half feet in width and is rectangular in shape. The chairs for the table are the larger aluminum chairs 2 and a half ft. in depth,and obviously would need to be shaded. Also,would you be able to estimate how much room I would need in the area of the table for the umbrella to be opened to full size. Another question I have is about the tilt function of an umbrella. The larger umbrellas do not seem to have this function. Is this because the larger umbrella shades more without having to tilt it or is it due to the weight of it? I want to shade everyone and do not want to purchase the wrong umbrella. Thank you.

    • Hi Cathy,
      I sent your question to the patio furniture team at Best Buy’s head office and they send me this response:

      Free standing umbrellas can either be used through a hole in the center of the patio table or to the side, standing on its own. For best shade coverage of the table and guests, ideally you would be using an umbrella through the center of the table. Most tables used a standard 1.75” sized hole but it is important to check both the hole size of the table and the pole size of the umbrella model in consideration for purchase. You can usually find hold reducers at a local hardware store if needed. Your umbrella should generally extend over your dining table by 2 feet on each side. Here are some approximate umbrella sizes suitable for different tables:
      30-36” table: 6-8ft umbrella
      38-48” table: 9-11ft umbrella
      54-60” table: 11ft or larger umbrella.

      Tilt functionality is generally available in all styles of free standing umbrellas but just depends on the features offered by each supplier. Many times if a customer is considering a larger umbrella they will look for a cantilever of offset model rather than free standing, which gives a larger range of motion. This may be why this customer isn’t seeing much option in larger free standing tilt models. We do have tilt umbrellas online up to 10ft sizes.

      As mentioned, for additional functionality the customer could be looking at an Offset or Cantilever model (no center pole placement within the table.) Cantilever styles have a pole located either to the side or on the outside of the canopy. Cantilever umbrellas will provide needed shade without obstructing the view between guests. A cantilever or offset umbrella is similar to a tilting umbrella but generally provides an increased range of motion. They usually allow you to move your umbrella up or down and side to side. These umbrellas do take up a bit more space of course, so I would suggest to be mindful of that.

      A couple of other tips:
      Fiberglass frames will provide flexibility for windy areas but aluminum is also very durable and most times a suitable option for most weather conditions. Look for “all weather”, “waterproof” and “UV resistant fabrics” for your umbrella shade material. Consider height also. For shade over a dining table, you generally want your umbrella to be at least 7 feet tall to accommodate taller individuals. Lastly, be sure to choose a suitable base for your umbrella if it is not included.
      Base 40lbs: for table umbrellas up to 7.5ft
      Base 50lbs: for table umbrellas up to 9ft and free standing umbrellas up to 7.5ft
      Base 70lbs: can be used for most free standing umbrellas up to 11ft.

      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Mike,

      The forums at Best Buy are no longer active. However, you can still participate with the Best Buy community by commenting on video game articles (any articles really!) and joining the discussion there.

      best regards,

  3. I’m very upset with the service I received today I went into Best Buy to see if they could fix my phone since I have the extended plan only to find out that’s when I got my phone in October I was told take it to geek squad and they fix the phones there I also talked to geek squad online and they told me to take it into a store and see them about it because of the issues I was having when I was at the store I was talking to a staff and the manager they made me feel like I was crazy even thou one of the issues you could clearly see and they were speaking there language and ignoring what I was saying so I was frustrated told them I was leaving canceling my plan and filing a report IV never been so frustrated in my life this was the Best Buy in Charlottetown pei

    • Hi Sarah,

      I am sorry that you had a frustrating experience. I have forwarded your comment to Best Buy customer service.

      best regards,

  4. I am looking for an over the range stainless steel microwave for a gas range. What kind of microwave is approved for that?


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