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The primary purpose of the blog is to educate Canadians about products and services at Best Buy, so they can make informed purchasing decisions. We work extra hard throughout the year to provide the information that will help you find the right tech and lifestyle products for your life. Read articles to learn more about products at Best Buy, and participate in the community with your questions and comments! 

Latest and greatest tech featured on the blog

We receive many of the newest products available in Canada to send to independent writers for an unbiased review on the blog. You never know, the newest tech you are reading about may be the perfect new addition to your home and your life.

Informative Buying Guides provide a detailed analysis of the products available and the most important features to look for so you make more informed purchasing decisions.

Video reviews so you learn more about how products look, feel, and function before you take them home.

Fun contests provide all Canadians the opportunity to win amazing technology. Here are some examples of past contests.

About the blog team

We are a group of editors and writers who enjoy creating interesting and informative content about the many products and services available at Best Buy. There is an “in-house” team of editors who collaborate with various teams on the topics that need to be covered on the blog, organize and assign most of the content, manage the blog platform, and moderate comments and discussions. This team also runs the many Best Buy contests you’ll find on the blog.

There is also a large external team of contract writers who complete most of the articles that appear on the blog. These writers come from a diverse range of backgrounds and are tasked with providing an honest and authentic perspective in all content they create, including product reviews.

Best Buy
Best Buy is one of Canada’s largest and most successful retailers, operating the Best Buy (www.bestbuy.ca), Best Buy Mobile, and Geek Squad (www.geeksquad.ca) brands.


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