As an educator, you use a lot of tools to teach your students. Out of all of those tools, devices like laptops and tablets are the go-to for helping kids learn concepts, complete assignments, and do research whenever they need to. With Best Buy’s flexible Choose Your Own Device Program, you can ensure your students have access to the tech they need to learn.

What is Best Buy‘s Choose Your Own Device Program?

Remote learning has become an integral part of many students’ day to day education, and one of the struggles a teacher has this year is to ensure their students have access to the right devices and services that will work with their teaching plan.

Best Buy‘s Choose Your Own Device Program will build a unique program for your school or university helping you give students access to much-needed technology like laptops or tablets. The program will be managed by Best Buy Education which will take care of everything from communication with parents or students, support and, once an order has been placed, delivery.

Benefits of Best Buy‘s Choose Your Own Device Program

There are numerous benefits to taking advantage of Best Buy‘s Choose Your Own Device Program.

A wide selection of devices

Your students will have access to a broad selection of products including computers, Chromebooks, tablets, smartphone accessories, and more. They’ll also have access to Geek Squad Services including remote support for their tech at home and an extended warranty option should they want to choose one.

Dual funding options

As an educator, you can decide whether you would like to partially or fully fund your student devices and services. If your students and their parents wish to upgrade devices from the selection given, they have the option to pay the difference in price.

Best Buy takes care of any questions

If a device needs to be returned, it can easily be taken care of. Best Buy will also take care of any questions or inquiries parents may have about the devices and the program.

How does Best Buy‘s Choose Your Own Device Program work?

The Best Buy Choose Your Own Device Program is an easy program for educators to set up. The first step is choosing different devices and services from Best Buy’s catalog. Next, you’ll consider how you’d like to set up funding.

Best Buy Education will build an online experience for your students that will have the products and services you selected, branded with your logo. Once you provide a list of eligible students, they or their parents will receive a branded email with a link to view the products and services. They place their order, and Best Buy takes care of the shipment and delivers their order.

Remote learning is very different from in-person education. Online school is a big part of a Canadian child’s life now, and having access to the latest technology will make it easier for that student to do homework or research concepts whenever they need to.

To learn more about Best Buy’s Choose Your Own Device Program, you can contact a Best Buy Education Account Manager at 1 877 423 3429. You can also find out about other Best Buy Education solutions.

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