For students just moving out on their own, the purse strings can be tight. Student budgets aren’t exactly known for having room for lavish spending, and even items that were once everyday perks at home might no longer be within reach; think stereos, big screen TVs and maybe even cable TV.

Fortunately, getting access to all your shows can be as easy as bringing along an affordable streaming device to the new digs—even if those new digs might be your remote learning centre in the basement. Here, our picks for some sweet streaming options; or surf all the streaming TV devices here.

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Apple TV

One of the originals, and Apple TV box, whether you choose 4K resolution or HD, has a boatload of TV shows, movies and content. With access to Apple TV +, a subscriptions streaming channel, as well as Disney+, you can watch nearly anything.

You’ll be hearing more about Disney+ this fall no doubt. The hottest new streaming channel in cyberspace, it’s the only place to get access to Disney’s movie repertoire which includes Star Wars, and Marvel plus National Geographic.

Amazon Fire TV: Stick or Cube

Amazon has a few streaming options including its popular Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube. With access to Amazon Prime TV, plus all the other channels you’re looking for, like YouTube, Netflix and Disney+ also.

Google Chromecast

One of the originals in the streaming game, Google Chromecast Ultra is an ultra-small and very easy to use streaming device.

Using your smartphone or compatible device you can Cast TV shows, movies or music from your favourite apps, right onto the TV.

Plus, with the app, you get instant control from a device that’s already at your fingertips. No remote to lose or have cluttering the coffee table (or plastic dairy crate if you’re low on real furniture!). This premium TV streaming device takes the best from Chromecast and throws in faster processing speeds and up to 4K UHD and HDR picture quality.

The screen mirroring option is just another way to easily send content to your TV, particularly for apps that aren’t Cast-enabled. Chromecast works with Android or iOS devices.

Roku Streaming Devices with Remote

Another popular 4K video streaming option are devices or televisions by Roku. This easy to use platform is a great choice for kids, seniors and the non-tech-savvy types because it’s dead simple.

With access to over 100,000 movies and TV episodes on platforms like YouTube, and Netflix just to name a few, you’re bound to be able to find something you and your new college pals will like.

There are a few Roku media streamer options, as well as TVs built on the Roku operating system.

All Roku sticks come with a remote; but it’s no ordinary remote. You can point it anywhere and it’ll still control your Roku device, plus with its headphone jack and included headphones, you can plug in and tune out for private and uninterrupted viewing. Of course you can also control Roku Roku streamers with your smartphone too.

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If you’re venturing out and setting up your own pad, one of these great streaming options at Best Buy is sure to keep you connected easily.

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