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Falling asleep as a toddler to Dark Side of the Moon on a quadrophonic sound system my father built from scratch sparked a lifelong passion for high-quality audio and home theatre. My journey has taken me through broadcasting school, into a decade of large-scale, live audio and video production—I even had a stint in provincial politics as an MLA. Join me as I translate my enthusiasm and experience into insights you can use to enhance your understanding of the world of audio and home theatre.

Sony h.ear go Wireless Speaker Review

 Wireless speakers are evolving at a rapid pace. While there is still a strong market for pure Bluetooth speakers, manufacturers are increasingly offering up Wi-Fi networked options. This is exactly where the Sony h.ear go speaker has shown up to play; let’s see if they brought any game.

Should You Add A Subwoofer To Your Home Theatre?

   Spoiler Alert: The answer is YES!   Let’s dig into what a subwoofer does and the reasons why adding a one to your home theater is a decision you will not regret.

How Loud Will My Speakers Be?

 For the uninitiated, buying audio gear can become a relentless pursuit of volume. Understanding what your speakers are designed to do and matching them with appropriate amplifers will help guide your decision making, and let you know exactly how loud you can expect your rig to be.

Should Outdoor Speakers Be Wired or Wireless?

 Spending time outdoors is a passion, and you’re ready to take the leap into outdoor audio to enhance the experience for your friends and family. The only question that remains: should you buy wired or wireless outdoor speakers? Let’s take a look at the factors to consider as you elevate the audio in your outdoor oasis. 

Watts, Ohms, Volts and Amps: What Does It All Mean?

 Have you ever wondered how watts impact your home theatre audio? How about ohms, volts and amps? Understanding how your amplifier and speakers work together will empower you to design an audio system that will perform at its best. 

How To Connect Chromecast & Chromecast Audio To Your AV Receiver

The options for streaming audio and video at home are increasing rapidly. For those of us who are home theatre fanatics, a critical feature will be an ability to connect streaming devices to the heart of our systems, our AV Receivers. Let’s take a look at how to capitalize on your home theatre investment and leverage streaming technology with Google Chromecast and Chromecast Audio.

Review: Cristiano Ronaldo Roc Sport by Monster In-Ear Wireless Headphones

The Cristiano Ronaldo Roc Sport line is Monster’s most recent entry into the premium headphone market. Naturally, these are a good looking headphone. Can they perform at a level that would stay true to Ronaldo’s brand, or will they fall flat? Take a closer look at the Super Slim wireless in-ear headphone.

Review: Cristiano Ronaldo Roc Sport by Monster: On-Ear vs Over-Ear Headphones

The Cristiano Ronaldo Roc Sport by Monster offers a great looking product. Can they live up to the hype and brand of global superstar Ronaldo? Take a closer look at two of the models, the Freedom wireless on-ear and the Black Platinum over-ear headphones to see if they should be on your shortlist.

Home Theatre Audio: should you get a sound bar, a 5.1surround system, or Dolby Atmos

The number of quality options to ensure your home audio keeps pace with the clarity of your HD or 4K TV continues to grow. Choosing which setup is right for you can be an exciting and intimidating prospect. Take a closer look at three of the most popular choices and confidently move forward with building your perfect home theatre.