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Gadjo is a veteran journalist covering consumer technology, lifestyle and business. He has written for international newspapers, magazines and online publications. He is founder of Canadianreviewer.com as well as an avid photographer and travel enthusiast.

Cloud storage platforms compared: who do you go with?

Cloud services can be as simple as web-based email, and as developed as an entire ecosystem that relies on everything syncing smoothly with the cloud.

How to boost your computer’s performance with optimization software

Computer operating systems have evolved to a degree that most of them come with the necessary tools to maintain and optimize the system on a regular basis. But the more we use our computers, the higher the chance of adding programs and applications that could cause slowdowns, security threats or other issues. Here’s how’s to boost your PC’s performance.

What you should do to protect your phone’s photos and video

People took more than one trillion photos in 2015 and most of them used smarpthones. Mobile devices have always offered convenience with buit in cameras, but now they have great quality including features like HDR, RAW photo shooting and even Ultra HD and 4K video shooting. The big question is what to do with all these photos and videos.

What you should do if you plan on selling or giving your phone away

Smartphones are some of the easiest items to resell or pass down to friends or family. Even if they are no longer the latest, greatest models, they are still functional for calling, messaging and running apps. Here’s how to prepare for the turnover.

How to boost your computer’s performance by installing more RAM

RAM or Random Access Memory helps PCs and mobile devices work faster by allowing improved multitasking, the ability to have various files or windows open simultaneously and by enabling the use of larger files. Here’s how to easily boost your computer’s performance by adding more RAM.

5 reasons you need a telescope this year

Stargazers and amateur astronomers have many great opportunities to check out various celestial events in 2016. The Earth makes its annual journey around the Sun, we get the opportunity to view special celestial events like meteor showers, conjunctions, and eclipses. Here are some telescopes worth checking out.

What will you do with your first 3D printer?

3D Printing technology has been revolutionized in a few short years. Cost of 3D printers has gone down substantially and they are now quite affordable for consumers to use in their homes or offices. The range of filaments and materials has also expanded so that there are now a variety of colours, textures and shapes. Here are some ideas to get you started on your 3D printing adventures.

Best smartphone accessories for under $50

There are a lot of choices for finding smartphone accessories under $50 that can enhance and improve ownership of this most personal device. Here are some of our picks.

The gift of portability: 5 laptops that redefine portability

Laptops are still high on many people’s wish lists these holidays and they remain some of the best gifts to give. This year, the focus is on portability as well as power and convenience. Here are 5 laptops  and 2-in-1's available today that redefine the idea of portability.

Rainproof and snowproof smartphone cases roundup

Most smartphones and tablets meet their untimely end by falling in bodies of water, being left out in the elements or when used in freezing or extremely wet conditions. Thankfully, there are various options out there that can help protect precious mobile devices.

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