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Best Buy is one of Canada’s largest and most successful retailers, operating the Best Buy (www.bestbuy.ca), Best Buy Mobile, and Geek Squad (www.geeksquad.ca) brands.

What the heck is wearable tech? Garmin Forerunner 10

Debra here, strapping on some more wearable technology! This fitness train cannot be stopped!! This week, it’s the Garmin Forerunner 10 watch. This impressive device is for those who run without being chased, without an oncoming Indiana Jones boulder and/or avalanche—those who actually ENJOY running.  So what did I do with it?  Read on to find out:

What the heck is wearable tech? Keep track of everything with Trackr Wallet

Perhaps you’re like me, or perhaps you’re a “normal” human—either way, you lose stuff. The delightful people at Best Buy Canada (and a cutie-patootie named Chris Herbert, the inventor of TrackR) are showing us technology that will essentially give you a super-robot memory and stop you from losing your mind and ruining your life. This all comes in the form of the TrackR Wallet.

What the heck is wearable tech? Fitbit Charge HR

At first, when my pals at Best Buy Canada gave me the Fitbit Charge HR to try out, I was kind of shocked. I mean, I’ve previously discussed my obsession with my Fitbit—I use it everyday. Am I not exercising enough for you, Best Buy? But then I realized that, as usual, my tech savvy friends are opening my eyes to another life-enhancer! And, although I love my Fitbit, I think I’m IN LOVE with the Charge HR.

What the heck is wearable tech? Part 3: Train your pet using wearables

Hey, it’s Debra again. You don’t want to be THAT neighbour, whose dog has a full-on bark-appaloosa concert every time the wind blows.The wonderful scientists, and general smarty-pants, over at Motorola have now created the MOTOPET 200. It’s a new, gentler system to train dogs using “static correction” using vibrations rather than a shock collar. MOTOPET 200 is lightweight and waterproof and looks cute on almost every dog. Who knows, maybe you can even teach him to Moto-roll-over!

Get help choosing the right gift from Microsoft, Intel and Best Buy on Twitter

Give yourself an evening off as you plan for the holiday season and join us for a special Twitter chat on Tuesday December 16th at 8pm EST. Best Buy representatives will be joined by experts from Microsoft and Intel Canada who will answer your tech questions and help you choose the right tablet, notebook or All-In-One for yourself or someone special on your list. Read on for more details:

What the Heck is Wearable Tech? Part 2: Wearables are not just for athletes

Hi Gang, Debra here! There comes a point when you just want to scream “WHAT IS A NORMAL WAY TO GET HEALTHY?” Now, the rational part of my brain knows that the best way to get healthy is to simply eat less and move more. (WHO KNEW?!)  But how much do I need to move and not eat? I’m not a doctor—I just like wearing lab coats. I’m a regular human trying to be healthier. SO! My peeps at Best Buy hooked me up with some more of their Wearable Tech. This week I got to try out the new FitBit Charge.  This has changed everything.

What the Heck is Wearable Tech? Part 1: Muse, the brain sensing headband

Hi. I’m Debra DiGiovanni, comedian and self-proclaimed anxiety ridden technophobe! Or, I was until recently. You see, the gang at Best Buy came to me and asked if I wanted to be the person who introduces Canada to some new wearable technology. Since I’m not a crazy person, I said, “YES PLEASE!” and then I got to meet the MUSE. Read about this fun new way to get your mind to quiet down.

Best Buy nominated for 3 Canada Post E-Commerce Awards

  We’re thrilled to announce that Best Buy Canada has been nominated for three Canada Post E-Commerce Innovation Awards! Having been recognized as a finalist in both the categories of ‘Best Omni-Channel Integration’ and ‘Best E-Commerce Shopping Experience’, we’ve also been named as a contender for the title of Consumer Champion. Read how you can vote for this year’s Consumer Champion …

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