Samsung Family Hub Connected KitchenYour kitchen is the hub of your home. It’s where you cook, eat, and for a lot of families, a kitchen is really where they spend the most time just hanging out, planning for the day, or winding down before bed. When you think about it, the kitchen is the most important room in your home, and that’s why, in a smart home, a connected kitchen is the central hub; a place where having smart kitchen appliances can really make the most impact on your lives.

Having a connected kitchen means you have the power to prepare food more efficiently, keep your grocery bill on the low side, stream your favourite entertainment, and keep your family up to date on their schedules or share photos.

This type of smart home tech is really exciting, because a few years ago it would have seemed crazy to think you could take a look inside your fridge when you were out at the grocery store. It might have seemed even crazier that the fridge itself could order groceries for you and keep track of your entire families schedule right on the front panel.

Once you take a look at a few smart kitchen devices you can use in a connected kitchen, you’ll be as excited as I am about this leap in smart home technology.

Samsung Family Hub is the command center of a connected kitchen

Samsung Family Hub screenFrom the first time I touched the LED panel on the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, I knew that this smart fridge had the potential to be the ultimate command center for any family.

With a brilliant 21.5″ Wi-Fi-enabled touchscreen right on the door, the Samsung Family Hub will manage your family schedule, let you shop online, stream music, show photos, and connect you to three built-in cameras so you can take a look into every corner of your refrigerator.

Imagine checking the contents of your refrigerator from anywhere you are. That means if you’re at the grocery store and you’re wondering whether or not you have ketchup, you can just open the Samsung app and take a look inside. Who hasn’t spent money on groceries because you weren’t sure if you had what you needed at home? With the Samsung Family Hub, you never have to do that again.

samsung family hubYou don’t even have to leave the house for groceries if you don’t want to. Because the Samsung Family Hub is connected to the Internet you can shop online and search for recipes. When I got to take a look at the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator I spent 10 minutes just scrolling through Allrecipes right on the fridge screen, and I can’t imagine how fun it would be to do that anytime I was wondering what to cook.

Although the smart features are what make the Samsung Family Hub stand out, it’s a great, well-laid out fridge too. It’s a 36″ counter depth refrigerator with 22 cu.ft. of space, and the bottom right door is a FlexZone so you can use it as a fridge or freezer. Plus, it’s energy star certified so it saves on your energy bill too.

Crock-Pot Wi-Fi WeMo is one smart kitchen appliance

crock-pot We-moThe Crock-Pot Wi-Fi WeMo has been around for a few years, but I remember waiting not-so-patiently for it to hit the market because it eliminated my only issue using a crockpot: having it run longer than I needed it to.

If I turned the crockpot on right when I left in the morning I sometimes ended up with burnt food around the edges of the bowl. If I kept it on low, 8 hours wasn’t always enough. Having the Crock-Pot Wi-Fi WeMo meant that I could turn on my crockpot via an app and it would run exactly as long as I needed it to.

Having a WeMo slow cooker in your connected kitchen gives you the flexibility to change the settings to suit your schedule, so if you’re making roast beef you can set it to high for a few hours and then turn it down low from wherever you are, just like you could if you were at home.

When you start adding smart kitchen appliances like these to your house, you’ll understand why a connected kitchen will be the ultimate center of your entire smart home.

The Samsung Family Hub is available on Best Buy right now, so create your own home command center and see for yourself how amazing this smart refrigerator really is.

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