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Tineco makes a wide variety of vacuums to suit all types of cleaning needs, whether you have hard floors, carpeting, or a mix of both. These vacuums are cordless and lightweight, helping make cleaning quicker and easier.

Wet/dry vacuums, like the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 and iFloor 3 wash and vacuum your hard floors at the same time, cutting the time it takes to clean them in half. These vacuums are safe for all sealed hard floors, and will tackle tasks from daily mopping to sticky, messy spills.

Tineco cordless vacuums provide cordless convenience to clean your home without searching for an outlet. The newest model, the PWRHERO XL cordless upright vacuum, combines a lightweight and cord-free design with a dustbin size you’d typically only see in larger and heavier upright vacuums.

No matter your cleaning needs, the FLOOR ONE S5, iFloor 3, and PWRHERO XL can solve them.

Wet/dry vacuums: vacuum and mop in one step

With both the FLOOR ONE S5 and iFloor 3 wet/dry vacuums, you can get floors cleaned in a jiffy! The FLOOR ONE S5 and iFloor 3 can effectively cut cleaning time in half, simultaneously vacuuming dust and debris and wet mopping to scrub that deep down dirt for sparkling hardwood floors and tiles.

The FLOOR ONE S5 is Tineco’s most advanced smart wet/dry vacuum, featuring iLoop™ Smart Sensor Technology. Using iLoop™, the FLOOR ONE S5 automatically adjusts suction, roller speed, and water flow, based on your mess, leaving you with dry, streak-free floors. The ring around the full-colour LCD screen even changes from red to blue to let you know when the floors are clean.

Plus, the exclusive brush head design makes it simple and seamless to clean around borders and corners, so you can reach every nook and cranny of the floor. The FLOOR ONE S5 has large capacity water tanks so you can confidently vacuum and mop large areas, or handle longer, deeper cleans to get soil out of your kitchen tiles or the hardwood at the front entryway.

Effortless cleaning

Thanks to the lightweight design of the FLOOR ONE S5 and iFloor 3, you can clean just about anywhere. They’re great for quick clean-ups in every room or a deep clean in the kitchen, dining room, or other area.

Dual-tank technology in the Tineco wet/dry vacuums guarantee that you’re always cleaning with fresh water, rather than pushing around dirty water like you would with a traditional mop. And, the standard hands-free self-cleaning cycle found in Tineco’s wet/dry vacuums automatically clean the brush roller and inner tubing for fast, mess-free maintenance.

Cordless upright vacuum: large capacity with cordless convenience

The PWRHERO XL cordless vacuum has an extra-large-sized dustbin so you can pick up more at a time, without rushing to the garbage to empty the bin halfway through. The 1.5L capacity is 3.5 times larger than typical cordless vacuums, including Tineco’s own A10 HERO vacuum, and a size you’d typically only find in larger and heavier upright vacuums. Yet you still get the freedom of a lightweight stick vacuum.

This large dustbin is ideal for those who have pets, allowing you to pick up lots of pet hair in one run, as well as for larger messes and spills.

Great for a variety of surfaces

The PWRHERO XL upright vacuum is ideal for cleaning virtually any surface. It features cleaning modes for hard floors and carpet, and boasts powerful suction so you can keep all the dirt and debris that is deep in the fibres of carpeting or area rugs, or in between tiles or hardwood floorboards.

No matter your cleaning needs, Tineco has a vacuum model that will fit, including these three top models and others.

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