Tineco vacuum brand featureIf you’re in the market for a new vacuum, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the many brands, types, and options available. Tineco has a variety of cordless stick vacuum cleaners that fit different cleaning needs and budgets. In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the right Tineco vacuum for your home and lifestyle.

Tineco vacuums at Best Buy offer standard innovative features, like removable batteries, LED headlights, continuous power trigger lock, 4-stage fully sealed HEPA filtration, and one-touch empty dustbins. Each model offers different specifications to align with your home and lifestyle needs.

How to choose a Tineco vacuum for your cleaning needs

1. How large is your home?

When choosing a vacuum for your home, the first thing to consider is the size of your home. Small homes, condos, and apartments have less area to clean, so you don’t need a vacuum with extended runtime. Large homes and ones with multiple levels have more surface area to clean, so a vacuum with longer runtime will help you clean your whole home without having to recharge.

Best vacuum for small homes, condos, and apartments:

The A10 HERO is an excellent option if you live in a smaller home. It’s lightweight and maneuverable, boasts strong suction, offers up to 25 minutes of runtime, and is tough on dirt on both carpets and hard floors. It easily converts to a hand vacuum to help you clean corners, stairs, upholstery, and other above-floor surfaces.

Runner up: A11 HERO

Best vacuum for large and multi-level homes

If you have a large home, extended battery life will help you clean your whole home without having to stop to recharge your vacuum. Tineco’s PURE ONE S12 PRO EX features up to 100 minutes of extended battery life with its 2 removable lithium-ion batteries and features iLoop™ Smart Sensor Technology that automatically adjusts suction based on the dust, dirt, and debris that is picked up. The PURE ONE S12 PRO EX also includes accessories that make it easy to clean stairs, high corners, upholstery, and more.

Runner up: A11 HERO

2. What type of flooring do you have in your home?

While your home’s size is an essential factor in choosing a vacuum, the flooring types you have in your home should also play a role. Do you have a mix of flooring? All carpet? Just hard floors?

Mainly hard floors

Homes with mainly hard floors will benefit from a vacuum with a full-sized soft nylon brush roller. These brush rollers are tough on dirt while being gentle on wood, tile, laminate, and other hard floor types. PURE ONE S11 TANGO includes a full-size soft roller brush to clean hard floors of all types and a multi-tasker brush that deep cleans both carpets and hard floors. PURE ONE S11 TANGO also features iLoop™ Smart Sensor Technology, which takes the guesswork out of cleaning. Run the vacuum in auto mode, and iLoop™ will adjust the suction based on the amount of dirt and debris it vacuums up.

Runner up: PURE ONE S12 PRO EX

Hard floors and carpet

If your home has a mix of hard floors and carpet, a vacuum with a traditional multi-tasker brush head and a soft roller designed for hard floors is a great option. Multi-tasker roller brushes are safe for hard floors and carpets, but a soft roller brush is gentler on hard floors and makes more contact with floors for a superior cleaning experience. PURE ONE S12 PRO EX features two full-size brush heads that customize your cleaning experience on hard floors and carpet. The direct-drive multi-tasker brush works extra hard to agitate dirt and dust from carpets for a complete clean.

Runner up: PURE ONE S11


For homes with carpet, or if you prefer not to vacuum your hard floors, look for a vacuum that features strong suction and a brush head that works hard to agitate dust and dirt from carpets. Tineco’s A11 HERO features a 450W motor with powerful suction to combat dirt, dust, pet hair, and other messes on carpets. With up to 40 minutes of battery life, it will replace your corded vacuum!

Runner up: PURE ONE S11

3. Lifestyle considerations

Your home size and floor type will help you focus on the right vacuum. If you have pets, want to clean above-floor surfaces, or enjoy smart products, read on to narrow your vacuum search further.

Pet owners

If you have pets, a vacuum tough on pet hair is an absolute must! You’ll want to choose a vacuum with strong suction and one that includes a motorized mini power brush that grabs pet hair from upholstery, stairs, and other small spaces. Each Tineco vacuum at Best Buy features strong suction and a mini power brush to help you tackle pet messes with ease.

Whole-Home Cleaning

Vacuums don’t just clean floors! Tineco vacuums include attachments that help you clean above-floor surfaces in your home. If you use your vacuum to dust, reach high corners, or clean drapes and upholstery, consider a vacuum that includes specialized accessories to help you clean everywhere you want to clean. PURE ONE S12 PRO EX includes seven accessories to help you customize your cleaning experience and clean your home from top to bottom.

For the Smart Home Tech Lover

Are you looking to add a new smart device to your home? Look no further than the PURE ONE series. Vacuums in the PURE ONE series feature iLoop™ Smart Sensor Technology, which takes the guesswork out of cleaning. iLoop™ measures dirt, dust, and debris and automatically adjusts suction based on what needs to be vacuumed off the floor. Once iLoop™ stops detecting dirt, the suction returns to a lower setting, optimizing battery life. PURE ONE S11 and PURE ONE S12 PRO EX also connect to the Tineco Life app so you can monitor cleaning performance, get maintenance reminders and support.


Find the right Tineco vacuum for your home at Best Buy now. Order online then enjoy years of cleaner floors and carpets.

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