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In my household, Anker is the brand that we always turn to for our power needs. If we’re ever looking for a charger, cable, or battery pack for a device, we know that Anker’s offering will be reliable and durable. So, when I heard that Anker’s home care brand, eufy, was making vacuums like the eufy by Anker RoboVac G30 Verge Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum, I couldn’t wait to try one for myself.

As you might expect from a parent company like Anker, this vacuum boasts an impressive battery life. It has a runtime of up to 110 minutes (or 1 hour and 50 minutes) on a single charge, which is pretty impressive!

What’s in the box of the eufy by Anker RoboVac G30 Verge?

In the box of the eufy by Anker RoboVac G30 Verge, you’ll find the eufy RoboVac G30 vacuum itself, along with a charging base, AC power adapter, two side brushes, two filters, and a cleaning tool. I’ve discussed my love for these cleaning tools before, and this iteration is no exception. Often included with robot vacuums from China, cut-and-brush cleaning tools make safely removing hair from your vacuum’s brush roll a breeze.

Along with the cleaning tool, the eufy G30 has a large, removable dustbin and filter. To help you set this device up, eufy also includes an owner’s manual, a quick start guide, a set of five cable ties, and 6.6 feet of adhesive boundary strips. There is a nook in the back of the Verge’s slim charging base to hide its cord, which helps contribute to this vacuum’s slim, sleek profile in the home.

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The features of the eufy RoboVac G30 Verge

The eufy RoboVac G30 Verge is one many vacuums offered by eufy. This model features 2000Pa of suction power with optional BoostIQ Technology, so it’s able to clean at Standard, Turbo, and Max suction levels—or use BoostIQ to automatically switch between Standard and Turbo suction based on your home’s needs. Its app offers Wi-Fi connectivity with smart home integration, as well as app control, scheduling, and in-app cleaning history.

The RoboVac G30 fully maps your home and navigates using Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 instead of random path navigation, and uses physical boundary strips (included in the box) and sensors to restrict its route rather than in-app guidance. Nine built-in infrared sensors and drop-sensing technology work together to guide the vacuum body and prevent it from falling off of ledges. Like many robot vacuums, the G30 is designed for hardwood, tile, laminate floors, and low- to medium-pile carpets. Notably, the G30 cannot navigate high-pile, dark-coloured carpets, or black flooring due to its IR sensors, which manage navigation and cliff avoidance.

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Upon a low power warning, this RoboVac has the ability to return to its base to charge and pick up where it left off once it charges to 80% battery.

eufy offers a number of G30 vacuums, but it’s easy to figure out the differences between the eufy RoboVac G30, G30 Verge, G30 Edge, and G30 Hybrid. The Verge is simply the brand’s G30 vacuum that ships with one set of boundary strips; the Edge is a G30 that ships with two sets of boundary strips; and the G30 ships without any boundary strips. The G30 Hybrid, as well as other eufy by Anker Hybrid vacuums, is a combination robot vacuum and mop.

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How does the G30 Verge compare to other robot vacuums?

There are a lot of things to love about the eufy RoboVac G30 Verge. For starters, the G30 is a bit smaller than your average robot vacuum. It isn’t a lot smaller—I didn’t notice it at all until I turned the vacuum on—but it’s just enough of a difference to help this vacuum clean under every piece of furniture in my home. It’s lighter, smaller, and thinner than robot vacuums from brands like iRobot, Dreame, or Lydsto.

As a result, the Verge is very quiet, lightweight, and easy to clean. At 2.85″ tall, it’s also the first robot vacuum I’ve reviewed that fits under my favourite armchair, which was wonderful to find out! It’s an armchair that I usually have to completely move to clean underneath as my stick vacuum won’t fit underneath it either, and not having to move it was extremely convenient.

This robot vacuum also uses a brushless motor. That isn’t to say that there are no brushes on it; it still uses side brushes and a brush roll to collect dirt and debris. The motor, however, is brushless, so the G30 is much quieter than most vacuums or robot vacuums during operation despite its maximum of 2000Pa suction power. It’s so quiet, in fact, that the noise level of the RoboVac G30’s wheels on the floor is comparable to the sound of its motor. Eufy promises that, at 55-68dB, it’s about as loud as a microwave oven, and I have to agree. If you like to turn your robot vacuum before quiet times, you’ll really appreciate its super-low operating volume—and if, like me, you have a pet that’s a little anxious, they’ll love it, too.

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The EufyHome app and navigation

The eufy G30 takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to clean my apartment. That’s a little longer than your standard robot vacuum; most models I’ve tested take about 50 minutes to clean the same space. However, I noticed two odd things when monitoring the G30 vacuum and EufyHome app closely.

The first is that the in-app map this vacuum made of my home was very accurate, but listed the wrong square footage—about half the size of my actual apartment. The second is that every time this vacuum cleans, it vacuums in straight, precise lines… But vacuums each area 2-3 times. It doesn’t vacuum one line three times and then move on; it vacuums each area once, then doubles back at some point for additional cleaning, but the timing of the second and third vacuuming sessions seems to be inconsistent overall.

My bedroom, for instance, gets vacuumed twice right at the start of a cleaning cycle. It isn’t vacuumed again after that. This differs from the plant corner of my living room, which is usually vacuumed twice back to back, then vacuumed a third and occasionally a fourth time about 10 minutes later.

So, if efficiency is what you value the most in a robot vacuum, then the eufy G30 likely isn’t the right fit for you. I haven’t minded the longer cleaning cycles, though, and prefer a long-but-quiet cycle to a quick-but-loud one! The G30 doesn’t really seem to miss any areas despite its longer clean time, and my floors are left smooth and dust-free at the end of each vacuuming session.

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My experience with the RoboVac G30 Verge

My experience with the eufy RoboVac G30 Verge was, at times, a little touch and go. While there are plenty of things that I love about this vacuum, like its low profile and super-quiet operation, I don’t always feel like it performs as well as other robot vacuums that I’ve tried.

The EufyHome app is great. It offers an impressive amount of control for a vacuum that doesn’t have room-by-room app support, including speaker volume control, suction level customization, and scheduled cleaning options. However, the physical body of the Verge feels too fragile for my personal preferences.

On one hand, that means the G30 is very lightweight, which could be an important feature for someone with physical limitations. On the other, it really struggles to pick up larger pieces of debris, and some of its moving parts, like its side brushes used for edge cleaning, routinely pop off during operation on smooth floors. There is no alert for this in the EufyHome app, nor an announcement by the vacuum when it happens.

I’ve tried other vacuums with a 2000Pa suction power, and this one has been the only model so far that hasn’t been able to lift my cat’s kibble crumbs from my plank flooring. I find myself often being left re-vacuuming the edges of my rooms and areas around my cat’s food bowls, which can be a bit of a hassle. That being said, other key areas of my home were cleaned up perfectly, including areas with dust, crumbs, and kitty litter, so it is definitely still saving me time overall.

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What to remember about the eufy RoboVac G30 Verge

If you’re looking for a quiet, low-profile vacuum with a small base that’s perfect for apartment living, then the eufy RoboVac G30 Verge is a great place to start. This robot vacuum is remarkably quiet, and fits under every piece of raised furniture I own. However, I recommend keeping in mind that the G30 is on the weaker side for a robot vacuum, and requires a watchful eye to make sure its accessories stay on during use.

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