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If you love having super clean floors every day of the week, there’s nothing better than a well-designed robot vacuum. The Dreametech Dreame Bot W10 Robot Vacuum and Mop does it all, and does it better than any other robot vacuum I’ve tried before. The Dreame Bot W10 leaves my floors sparkling clean every single day, and boasts a fantastic app with optional voice control as well.

Robot vacuums can’t take the place of a full-sized vacuum (and this one tends to accumulate crumbs around its home base tray), but wow, it is nice to come home to freshly-mopped floors every day!

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What’s in the box of the Dreame Bot W10 Robot Vacuum and Mop?

In the box of the Dreame Bot W10 Robot Vacuum and Mop, you’ll find a D-shaped robot vacuum and a base that charges, wets, and cleans it. The robot vacuum and mop features spring-loaded wheels, a top-access dustbin with filter, two removable 19.2 cm mopping pads, a removable brush roll, and a removable edge cleaner.

The W10’s home base is large, with a full-sized bottom tray that prevents the mop’s wet pads from damaging your home’s floors. It contains two 4L water tanks for clean and dirty water, easy-to-use Wi-Fi connectivity for app control, and a sleek, touch-controlled panel. (The panel features buttons that control Child Lock, Return to Base to charge, Return to Base to self-clean, and start/pause operations.)

Also included in the box of the Dreame Bot W10 is a brush roll cleaner. I’ve raved about brush roll cleaners before, and I love seeing them included with robot vacuums—they’re most common in those produced by Chinese brands. With cleaning bristles on one end and a tucked sharp edge on the other, they make cleaning long hair tangles a breeze.

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What can the Dreame Bot W10 do?

The “Dreame Bot” line is Dreametech offering of robot mops and vacuums. I recently posted a rave review of the Dreame H11 Max Wet and Dry vacuum, and I’m so happy to be able to share that the Dreame Bots are equally fantastic.

The Dreame Bot W10 offers sensor-controlled carpet and hard floor vacuuming with hard floor mopping, app control, and self-cleaning functions. It boasts an impressive 4000Pa suction power at maximum power (with a rotation of 180 spins per minute on its mop pads), a 6,400 mAh battery (which can clean up to 3,200 sq. ft. on one charge), and 4L clean and dirty water tanks.

The result is a self-cleaning mop and vacuum that needs very little maintenance. It has a few flaws—it absolutely devours cords and cables—but you’ll notice some excellent benefits, too, like easy cleaning, high-quality parts that open and close with a luxurious touch, and soft pinch-to-release compartments.

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How Dreame’s W10 mopping works

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a few different robot mops for the Best Buy Blog, but this one is by far my favourite. The Dreame Bot W10 features an auto-cleaning function that runs during and after each cleaning cycle. This makes it the cleanest robotic mop I’ve ever seen or tried—with almost no manual intervention on the user’s part.

Most mopping robots work with a spray nozzle and a mopping pad. The robot will spray water or water with cleaner onto the floor ahead, then mop over it with an absorbent pad. When the pad gets too dry, it’ll spray again.

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The Dreame Bot W10, however, uses a huge in-base water tank and two cut-end mopping pads. It cleans these pads before every mopping cycle, then wets them and rolls out to begin cleaning. During cleaning, the robot will return to its dock (which has a protective lower tray to keep your floor dry) to wash the mop pads every 5, 10, or 15 square metres, or by zone, and then head back out to continue cleaning.

At the end of every mopping task, the W10 returns to its home base, washes its mopping pads yet again, and turns on its heated auto-dry system to prevent mildew or bacteria growth.

To test the Dreame Bot’s auto-dry system, I got to do one of my favourite things: be lazy. I let the W10 self-clean for two weeks, only filling its clean water tank and rinsing/emptying its dirty water tank. At the end of two weeks, I did the unthinkable and flipped the Dreame Bot W10 over to take a deep sniff of its mopping pads…

And I smelled nothing. It was a revelation!

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What makes this robot vacuum different from other robot vacuum and mops?

Dreame’s wet-pad mopping technology means that the W10 creates less waste than many other robot vacuums: there are no single-use mopping pads to throw out. Plus, because the W10 doesn’t store water in its body, there’s more space available for dry waste—so you have to empty it less often. There’s also significantly more water available to the vacuum in its 4L water tanks than there is in a spray-and-go robot vacuum’s water compartments, so they need to be changed less frequently as well. (I’d estimate that the Dreame Bot needs more water every 2,000 sq. ft., while something like the iRobot Braava Jet needs more water every 800 sq. ft.)

Another benefit to consider with the Dreame Bot W10 is that the vacuum comes with a full-panelled, self-cleaning base. That means that you’ll only need to rinse the vacuum and mop’s tray once in a blue moon, and you’ll never have to remove a wet mopping pad when the robot finishes its cleaning cycle.

However, one thing to remember about the Dreame Bot W10 is that its base is huge. It fits a robot cleaner, a heated self-cleaning and self-washing system, and 8 litres of water. It’s about the size of a nightstand, and you can’t store anything on top of it (as you need to open the lid to access its water containers). I find this Bot’s large size to be a generous trade-off for a mop that requires less maintenance and gets my floors cleaner than any other robot mop I’ve tried, but if you live in a micro-apartment, you might find that its base is just too large.

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Dreame’s app control in Mi Home

Dreame uses the Mi Home app to control its smart functions. That means that the app for this vacuum and mop will look very similar if you’ve owned a robot vacuum from Roborock or Lydsto in the past, as they use the same app (but with different product configurations). That’s excellent news: the Mi Home app is one of my favourites.

The Dreame Bot W10 mapped my apartment (about 700 sq. ft.) systematically and quickly in just under an hour using its LiDAR-based SLAM navigation system. It uses its spinning mop pads to thoroughly scrub the edges of a hard surface area before it “fills in” the rest of the space with straight lines, and vacuums with ease as well. (You do need to remove the Bot’s wet mopping pads when you select “vacuum only,” which the Mi Home app will remind you of each time.)

The Mi Home app is a treat to use. It stores a full cleaning and path history for your robot and makes it easy to name and refine the edges of each area of your home. It also tracks the usage and approximate remaining life of each of its accessories, provides a “Locate My Robot” button, and lets you set scheduled cleanups and remote control directions. You can use the app to check battery life, send the robot back to its dock, and manage maps for up to three floors of your home.

Dreame Bot W10 Mi Home app

Why the Mi Home app is one of my favourites

Compared to most other robot cleaner apps available right now, I find the Mi Home app to be both intuitive and advanced. It gives you a level of control like no other, which even includes automations and Alexa-based voice control.

The Mi Home app makes regular cleaning easy. It lets you send your vacuum and mop to clean the entire map, specific room(s), and specific zone(s) at the touch of a button. Plus, it controls no-go zones, cleaning settings (sweeping, mopping, or sweeping and mopping), three mop pad humidity levels, and four suction settings.

Each of these settings can be customized for each area, and you can modify the robot’s cleaning sequence on top of that. I feed my cat in the kitchen and she’s quite a messy eater, so my Dreame Bot W10 cleans my kitchen twice each time, using more water than it does in the rest of my home. It also cleans the bedroom first and the bathroom last, just so I can ensure that minimal germs are being spread during cleaning.

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Why I love the Dreame Bot W10 Robot Vacuum and Mop

For easy, intuitive, low-maintenance cleaning, the Dreame Bot W10 Robot Vacuum and Mop is in a league of its own. It needs very infrequent human intervention, but cleans more thoroughly than any other robot mop I’ve tried. When paired with a traditional vacuum for deep cleaning and edge touchups, the W10 is the perfect way to keep your floors beautifully clean all year long—especially during those mucky winter months!

Shop the Dreame Bot W10 at Best Buy, or explore other robot vacuums and mops now.

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