Ecovacs Deebot X2 Combo

Ecovacs is showcasing a complete new line of robotic cleaners at CES. These aren’t just your everyday robot vacuums, though. There are indoor and outdoor cleaners, a robotic lawn mower, and a new window cleaner; even an air purification robot. Here’s a rundown of the new robot cleaners Ecovacs is showcasing at CES 2024.

Deebot X2 Combo Robot Vacuum

Ecovacs Deebot X2 Combo

As a new version of the X2 Omni, the Ecovacs X2 Combo is the first model in the line to be Matter-ready. It comes with upgraded hands-free capabilities for cleaning everything from floors to drapes, ceilings, and more so you get a truly automated cleaning experience. This is thanks to the addition of a handheld vacuum to the design along with an auto-empty station; plus, it can wet mop as well like the existing model.

Dubbed the first whole-home vacuum system from the brand, the X2 Combo is designed to eliminate the need to have multiple vacuums and mops in the home. It comes in two design options: the Deebot and Handheld and the Deebot and Handheld with stick attachment.

Deebot X2 Combo handheld unit

The Deebot X2 Combo maintains the same square design as the X2 Omni, but the addition of the handheld attachment and crevice, multi-surface, and upholstery tools means you can clean more surfaces, including furniture, stairs, even the car.

It boasts powerful 8000Pa suction power to capture stubborn dust and debris, along with the same pressurized OZMO Turbo 2.0 mopping system that was also included in the X2 Omni for wet mopping and scrubbing away stains. It can seamlessly travel from hard to soft floors without you having to intervene and adjust the mode.

It also features the same navigation system as the X2 Omni along with the same smart home features combined with new support for Matter, which opens up compatibility with more smart home ecosystems. With True Detect 3D 2.0, it will detect and avoid obstacles while you can control it by voice using the YIKO 2.0 voice control system.

Alongside the vacuum itself, the all-in-one base station charges the vacuum and serves as a receptacle for automatically emptying the dust bin. It can also refill the mop with hot water for wet mopping and provides hot air for drying. The vacuum will dutifully head back to this station once it’s done or needs to be emptied, refilled, or recharged.

Winbot W2 Omni Robot Window Cleaner

Winbot W2 robot window cleaner

Ecovacs launched its first robotic window cleaner back in 2018 and the company has been improving on the technology since then. Now available with an all-in-one station, the W2 Omni is an ultra-portable robotic window cleaner. It offers an advanced, intelligent navigation system called WIN-SLAM 3.0 that can go higher than before for those who have floor to ceiling windows. It also ensures edge-to-edge cleaning, even around obstacles.

It employs three-nozzle wide-angle spray technology that dissolves dirt then covers windows evenly without any water dripping to the floor. The steady climbing system, meanwhile, features three-point anti-slip, anti-dust driving treads to ensure that the robot cleaner glides steadily along with the windows.

The window cleaner isn’t just for large windows, though. It can adapt to smaller windows as well, along with frameless windows or mirrors, and even tilted windows. It can perform various cleaning sessions, including Fast for everyday cleaning, Deep for edge-cleaning, Spot for tackling stubborn areas, and Custom, which allows you to dictate exactly where it should clean.

The unit works alongside a suitcase-style station that has drop protection mechanisms and a built-in battery so you can use it to clean the outdoor side of windows as well. There’s an optimized air duct design with reduced airflow speed and sound-absorbing cotton so it runs quietly.

GOAT GX 600 Robot Lawn Mower

Ecovacs Goat GS600 robot lawn mower

For taking care of your lawn, the GOAT GX 600, which will be available in the U.S. market in Spring 2024, uses similar technology to the Deebot vacuum models, but now for cutting grass. You don’t need to set boundaries since it can sense where grass is, where it ends, and where there are obstacles in the way.

The robotic lawn mower combines vision and SmartMove technology so it can distinguish between natural lawn boundaries and non-grass areas, like stone pavers and sidewalks. The AIVI 3D obstacle avoidance technology prevents the lawn mower from bumping into things before turning back around, instead detecting them first. This can help protect everything from yard tools to toys and even pets, says Ecovacs.

It comes with an outdoor charging station that also functions as its home base and is simple to install. All it needs to run is a connection to a local network, so as long as your home’s Wi-Fi reaches outside, you’re off to the races.

Ecovacs Airbot Z2 Air Purification Robot

Ecovacs Airbot Z2 robot air purifier

The Airbot Z2 air purification robot was first revealed at IFA 2023 in the summer, but it’s also on display at the Ecovacs booth at the show. This adorable air purification robot doesn’t just remain stagnant in one place: it moves around your home, improving the air quality from room to room as it goes with its five-stage deep purification system.

There aren’t any definitive plans to launch it outside of China just yet, but this robot provides a glimpse into a potential future trend for air purifiers. We have an air purifier in the home, for example, that remains in my son’s room. If we’re painting or doing something in the home that results in a pungent chemical or even cooking smell, we’ll move it into the hallway or bring it downstairs. Imagine a small, portable model that’s easy to move around, or even senses where it needs to be and goes there? The Airbot Z2 is voice control compatible so you can tell it where to go using the “Ok Yiko” voice command; and captures live video to function like a pseudo security camera as well.

Ecovacs continues to innovate in automated home cleaning

Ecovacs has some interesting cleaning products coming down the pipe for 2024 that take the traditional robot vacuum or robot cleaner category and reinvents it in exciting ways. Read about plenty more announcements and cool tech from CES 2024 in home appliances and beyond.

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