fan buying guideWhen temperatures start to spike outside and you want to chill out, there’s nothing like the cooling breeze of fan. There are quite a few different types to choose from, and this quick overview will help you choose the right fan for you and your home.

Different types of fan technology

Traditional fans have blades, and when you plug them in, the blades spin at varying speeds. These fans work well for every type of situation, but they aren’t the only style of you can find.

Bladeless fans are available from brands like Dyson, Lasko, and Mmnox. Depending on the style you choose, it will draw air in and push it out in a smooth motion without the use of blades.

You can also find digital fans that work with remote controls. The remote will let you turn your fan off, on, and set the speed or direction that your cool air will blow in.

Stand or tower fans

tower fan

A stand or tower fan is a also known as a floor fan. This style is tall and, because of its size, are meant to easily cool an entire room.

Depending on what type of stand or tower fan you’d like, it can be as simple or high tech as you’d like. Available from brands like Dyson, Honeywell, Sunbeam, and Ecohouzng, tower or stand styles are available in bladeless or blade design, may be powered with a simple dial to turn it off, up, or down, or use a remote control to dial the fan up to max settings and down again.

This style will easily fit in the corner of a room and should cool off everyone in it, but if you’d like to put the fan on your desk, you might want to consider a desk model.

Table or desk fans

desk fan

A desk fan is small, compact, and perfect for placement on a side table, counter, or desk. Because they are small they are designed to cool a smaller area, so this is a great choice if you’d like to have a small fan dedicated to providing you with an individual breeze.

You can find desk models from brands like Sunbeam, Dyson, Honeywell, and Bionaire. Some include remote controls, while others have simple dials. No matter which you choose, they all provide a nice, cool breeze on a hot day.


Window fan

window fan

If you’ve ever seen a window fan, you might think it looks a lot like an air conditioner. These versatile window units sit right in the window like an air conditioner and you can place them vertically or horizontally. They fit many different window sizes, and because you place it in the window, you have a dedicated spot that doesn’t take up space in your room.

A window fan lets you choose how you’ll use it. You can either reverse the blades to draw draw warm air out of your room or to force cool air in. Available from brands like Bionare and Ecohouzng, these fans may have dual motors, powerful air exchanges, and integrated thermostats so they automatically turn off when the room reaches a certain temperature.

With so many different styles of fans to choose from, you’ll have every room in your house covered. Take a look at all of the fans available right now on Best Buy, and get ready for summer heat before it hits.


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