Best gifts for bakersWhen people have a favourite activity, gift-giving gets so much easier. Passion projects and hobbies create a wonderful opportunity to connect with your loved ones over a great gift, and baking is no exception. These gifts for bakers are a great starting point for the person in your life who’s always at the oven, whether they’re just starting out or they run a bakery out of their home!

Gift ideas for aspiring bakers

Of all of the different kinds of bakers out there, aspiring bakers are perhaps the easiest to buy a great gift for. If someone you know is just starting out, chances are that they don’t have all of the equipment that they’ll need yet—so you can swoop in and help fill the gaps in their kitchen.

Gifts for new bakers might include basics, like a new set of spatulas or a really nice baking tray. (A nice baking tray can make a huge difference!) That also encompasses larger purchases, like a reliable hand mixer. If you really want to spoil the aspiring baker in your life, have a look into helpful tools like cordless hand mixers. These are relatively new to the market, and even make a great upgrade for seasoned bakers who could benefit from the flexibility of not having to plug in.

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Big and small gifts for your favourite baker

My mom bakes a lot. As I’m typing this, I’m three chewy ginger cookies (from the Duchess Bake Shop cookbook) into my day. I have a tray of sweet, sticky buns from home sitting next to me. She brought an entire care kit over yesterday afternoon, still warm from the oven, and there’s a few slices of orange cranberry bread sitting on my countertop for breakfast tomorrow.

Surprisingly, though, my mom’s favourite baking item isn’t a fancy pan or an expensive appliance. It’s a bread machine.

A reliable, easy-to-use (and easy-to-clean) bread maker is a wonderful kitchen standby even for the best bakers. They’re a way to take something simple off your favourite baker’s plate, so that if they want, they can reallocate that time to another recipe. For my mom, that means using her reliable old bread maker to make soft, sandwich-ready white bread to free up space in the oven for her artisanal sourdough-and-rye loaves (which, mind you, she still uses one of her bread machines to knead!)

Not sure if a bread maker is going to be a gift with enough oomph for your pro baker? If you’re updating your kitchen or appliances, then the time might be right to splurge a little and buy them their dream oven. For an extra level of flexibility, look for a steam oven that will give your baker a leg up when it comes to steaming and proofing their baked goods.

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Helpful appliances for bakers who love to cook 

The one thing that I think all bakers would agree that they want more of is time. So, gifts that can help them speed up processes without cutting corners are always a hit.

For bakers who also love to cook, I love to look toward quick-heating devices such as air fryers. These are great for baking in small batches, and are a wonderful multi-use appliance in the kitchen. Many models offer additional settings for tasks like dehydrating and drying, which allows them to tackle everything from sugar cookies to dehydrated, candied sage leaves inside the quick-heating air fryer. My mom just treated herself to a new Bella Pro air fryer from Best Buy and she loves it—though her full-sized oven still gets a lot of use for bigger batches of baked goods!

Another great gift for bakers is a stand mixer or a food processor. Both of these items take time out of repetitive, mechanical tasks, but they produce high-quality results. Their ability to whisk, blend, knead, chop, and purée will save bakers countless hours over the years, so they can focus on the next step of their recipe instead.

Baking from scratch doesn’t mean completing every single task by hand. Any tool, gadget, or appliance that can help your baker make the most out of their time in the kitchen is something that they’ll love!

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