small appliances spring fitness routineI know, it has been a long winter, and because of the cold, snow, and gloomy skies, it’s been all too easy to hibernate on your couch with a bag of popcorn and your favourite Netflix shows. That’s all about to end because spring is on the way and with it comes sunnier skies and warmer temperatures. That makes it the perfect time to kick off your spring fitness routine.

Before you begin any exercise routine you should make sure that all aspects of your life are ready for your new start, and that plan includes your kitchen. How do you get your kitchen ready for your spring fitness routine? Set yourself up with fitness-friendly small appliances to be sure that your cooking and eating routines match your exercise plan.

1. Food processors make healthy cooking easy

kitchenaid food processorI can’t count how many times I have come back home after a workout and been completely starving. On a few occasions, I have reached for a chocolate protein bar instead of fruits and vegetables. Why? Because they were there when I was ready to eat.

That’s why I highly recommend you have a food processor on your counter when you’re starting a spring fitness routine. They make quick work of any salad, and when you’re starving, you won’t have to stand there and slice up vegetables because the food processor does it for you.

2 High powered blender = easy healthy eating

vitamix professinal blenderI can’t imagine kicking off a spring fitness routine without my high-powered blender. I find that adding nuts, frozen fruit, and ice to every smoothie helps me feel full longer, and it’s so easy to make such nutritionally dense smoothies in a blender that can crush anything.

3. Portable blenders let you take your smoothie to go

Having a high-powered blender on your countertop is great, but a portable or personal blender is also a great small appliance to have when you’re trying to kick off a spring fitness routine. You can whip up any type of drink right in the cup and take it with you to work or have it waiting after your workout. There is less cleanup with a portable blender too.

4. Bluicers make juice, smoothies, or a mix of both

If you’ve never heard of a bluicer you’re missing out on a great way to create a healthy smoothie or a juice smoothie. Bluicers are blenders with a juicing attachment, so you can switch out the bucket and use the appliance as a juicer or as a blender. It’s a great small appliance if you follow an eating plan as part of your spring fitness routine. It gives you the most nutrients and vitamins in your drinks because you can use fresh squeezed juice in all of your smoothies. Check out my review of two models from Breville.

5. Pressure cookers put dinner on the table in half the time

Instant Pot pressure cookerWhenever someone asks me what my favourite appliance is, I always say my pressure cooker. Not only does a pressure cooker cut your cooking time dramatically, it also makes your meals even healthier because you avoid cooking methods like frying.

It’s so easy and fast to cook with a pressure cooker that you’re much less likely to go for an unhealthy meal when you are starving after a workout. You can whip up a roast chicken or steamed vegetables in no time. Because pressure cookers make amazing boiled eggs and oatmeal, your breakfast routine will be streamlined, too.

6. Air fryers cook crispy food without oil

air fryer grill

Everyone has cravings now and again, but it’s a lot easier to stick to your spring fitness plan when you have an air fryer on your countertop. Unlike deep fryers, air fryers can cook food like chicken strips, French fries, vegetables, and fish without a ton of oil, yet everything still turns out crispy and delicious. It’s a fast way to cook too.

You can find basket air fryers, air fryer grills, and air fryer toaster ovens or microwaves

7. Steamers make perfect vegetables every time

steamer for spring fitness plan

You might not think you’ll use a steamer too often, but once you get this appliance home, you’ll love how it whips up steamed vegetable dishes in no time at all. The best part is that the steamer won’t overcook your veggies, so everything you cook will be perfectly tender and retain as many nutrients as possible.

8. Soda makers help cut your cravings for sweet drinks

sparkling water makerHaving a soda machine or sparkling water maker means you can make your own soda. But one of the best reasons to get a soda machine is because it helps you cut down on your soda consumption. You can make bubbly water and add all types of different low-calorie flavours to your drink, or if you do use soda syrup, add less to your beverage to reduce your sugar intake. It’s a refreshing and delicious pick-me-up when you need one.

Small appliances for a spring fitness routine

These small appliances are my recommendations if you’re about to kick off a spring fitness routine, and I know they’ll help you stick to your fitness and eating plans. Check out all of the small appliances available on Best Buy right now.

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