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The holiday season is in full swing which means it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for a special mom in your life. That might be your own mother, grandmother, wife, sister, daughter, or friend. Instead of going the typical route with flowers and candy, consider something high-tech that mom can enjoy again and again. Tech doesn’t have to be expensive, either: there are tons of tech items you can get at all price points that mom will be excited to unwrap.

E Artistry phone case

For the phone-toting mom

A smartphone is something that’s at mom’s hip 24/7, and she probably already has a protective case for it. But it’s always nice to have a few options to swap among. Look at a stylish cell phone case for mom that speaks to her personality, personal style, favourite colour, or even how and where she uses it. For example, if she travels often, consider one that has a built-in kickstand. If she’s an adventurer, a waterproof, rugged case is a must. If she loves more feminine styles, look for a floral design or a transparent case so she can show off the elegant finish of the device itself. All you need to know is what make and model phone she has and the possibilities are endless.

For the mom who is always behind the camera

UBeesize phone tripod taking a photo of parents with child.

Moms are usually the photographers of the family, always capturing candid moments and having the kids pose for all types of photos. She might have a high-end camera or maybe just uses her smartphone. Whatever the case, a tripod is a great option for ensuring she can not only get great photos but also be in them as well! She can mount her phone or camera, set a timer, then have everyone, including herself, pose for a group photo. This way, no one gets left out of the shot.

If she has gotten into the habit of posting her own social media videos, a tripod will come in handy for that, too. A mini tripod should do the trick and there are lots that are under $100. But if mom is a serious photographer, consider a full-sized one, perhaps a collapsible one she can use both tabletop and on the floor. I have one of these and it comes in handy for getting shots at various angles for different purposes.

Or consider a monopod if mom loves to travel. She can pop a collapsible one into her purse and take it out whenever she wants to take a lovely self-portrait with a stunning background. There’s no need to stop a stranger and ask them to take the photo for her or the family.

child jumping through leaves in photo taken with a GoPro camera.

For actually capturing the memories, consider getting mom a unique device like the wearable action camera so she can get fun point-of-view footage. My family and I head to an indoor waterpark resort at least once a year and I have used ones to capture compelling videos coming down an enclosed water slide. At amusement parks, where permitted and with the right secure accessories, she could even wear one to prove she tackled that massive roller coaster. Plus, moms can keep her hands free while mounting the camera to her head, chest, even bike handles to capture candid footage she might otherwise have missed.

For the mom who loves creative projects

Family around the Epson FastFoto scanner.

Capturing memories is only half the exercise, though. What about sharing them? Years ago, I tried the Epson FastFoto 680W photo scanner and was blown away by how easy it was to use and effective. For moms who love sharing photos online, she’ll love you for this. It will become her next big project. My dad often finds old photos and snaps a photo of them to send to me from his phone. Naturally, they’re grainy, crooked, and often with glare and hotspots from the light. With this machine, mom can scan old photos and not only have them instantly digitized but even use retouching tools to fix things like red-eye. It’s amazing how old photos can be restored and digitized from this machine. It’s expensive, but consider that moms who love hard copies as well can use these improved digital files to upload to a photo printing website, make copies, then create photo keepsake books as gifts.

For moms who love to cook

Mom with cutting board.

If mom loves to cook, a new kitchen gadget or small appliance might be a great gift. It’s important, however, that you get her something she’ll actually use and not an item that will end up tucked away in a drawer never to be seen again until next summer’s garage sale rolls around.

You usually can’t go wrong with a cutting board. You can never have too many and because they lie flat, they are easy to stack in a cupboard or drawer. I like, for example, using a plastic cutting board for meat and poultry and a wooden one for things like cutting vegetables and fruits or rolling dough for baking. There are even cutting board sets with multiple sizes that you can get for way under the $100 budget as well as colour-coded sets so she can use red for meat, green for vegetables, white for bread, and so on.

Another good option in this space for the mom who loves to bake is a new bread or loaf pan. Once again, these stack nicely (depending on size and width) and if she has been using one she’s had for ages, it might be time for an upgrade. An oblong loaf pan is great for everything from banana bread to a homemade loaf of whole wheat sliced bread. She’ll be whipping up a recipe in no time.

Do you need a food processor?

Having invested in a food chopper/processor myself as one of my most recent new small kitchen appliances, I can say how useful it is. From chopping nuts to grating cheese, prepping hard fruits and vegetables, making homemade dips and salad dressings, it makes the process a breeze. There’s less clean-up and with a miniature model, she can make her own edamame and kale dip instead of paying so much to buy some from the local organic grocer. And she won’t have to use (and then clean) the full-size blender for a single serving. Plus, a small one can tuck away in the corner of a cabinet and only come out when she needs it. Read our food processor buying guide for help in choosing the right one for your mom.

For the mom who loves coffee

Smeg manual espresso machine

If you have a bit more money to spare, consider getting mom a premium espresso machine. This has been a topic of conversation among my friends of late, some of whom consider themselves “coffee snobs.” One friend’s old coffee machine just broke and he’s trying to decide on the best option for he and his wife to enjoy their morning java at home. A fabulous option, especially when it comes to gifting, is the Smeg manual espresso machine, which I recently reviewed. Whatever model you choose, I would recommend considering something that has a built-in coffee bean grinder and milk frother for the cleanest set-up (those these can be purchased separately as well). Even manual models like this one are easy to learn how to use for someone new to it. Mom will appreciate having better coffee than she’s used to at home, and will save money in the long run not stopping at the drive-thru for her latte or cappucino on the way to work every morning.

For moms who love wine

Insignia wine cooler in basement with pool table

If mom loves wine and often has friends over to share a bottle while they gossip, talk about the latest book they read, or watch a favourite TV show together, an elegant decanter would be a great gift. She’ll impress her friends when she pours that 2015 bottle of Cabernet into the stunning glass decanter to help open it up before pouring their glasses. When not in use, it’s a lovely showpiece for the home bar, too.

With a bigger budget, consider going all out and getting mom a wine fridge. She can place it in the kitchen, dining room, even basement and keep her favourite selection properly cooled. With ones that have dual zones, she can separate her Pinot Grigios and Chardonnays from the Pinor Noirs and Cabernets and enjoy them all at the exact perfect temperature for consumption. Learn more about how a wine cooler works and why you should get one. I have one in my kitchen and love being able to store bottles of wine, sometimes even sparkling water and coolers during the summer, in it for quick and easy retrieval as needed.

For the scatterbrained mom

Apple Watch

As a mom myself, I can tell you how much I love my Tile Bluetooth trackers and Apple AirTags. I make use of them all the time to locate my keys or even my phone since you can ring your device from a Tile. For peace-of-mind, an item tracking device is a thoughtful gift. It’s especially fitting for an absent-minded mom who is always rushing out the door and forgetting or misplacing this thing or that.

While helping find items isn’t the primary reason to get one, consider getting mom a smartwatch she can use to ping her phone as well, like the Apple Watch. During a recent girlfriend’s getaway with friends, my friend used her Apple Watch to ping her phone she kept leaving around the hotel room multiple times. Scatterbrained moms will love a smartwatch for helping her keep on track of things like calendar appointments and to-do lists as well, along with her fitness routine and ensuring she reaches important move, exercise, stand, and sleep goals to keep her mind sharp.

JBL Tune 130nc earbudsFor the mom who needs some “me” time

Whether mom is fit or looking to get in better shape, you can get a good pair of true wireless earbuds. If mom is going to be listening to tunes during her morning walks or commutes to the office, or while sweating it out on the treadmill or bike at home or the gym, she might simply want something that will do the trick but won’t break the bank.

There are great pairs from reputable brands like JBL that focus on sound quality and offer favourable battery life, comfortable eartips, and even active noise cancellation. With features like a built-in mic, she can use a compatible pair to make phone calls, too. Renpho Bluetooth eye massager

Foot massagers for Mother’s Day are like socks and ties for Father’s Day: the stereotypical gift every mom expects to receive at least one year in her life. You can still get mom a massager but think bigger and more creatively. A cool Bluetooth eye massager, for example, is a great health and fitness gift for mom. It will help alleviate fatigue and strain, and with built-in Bluetooth, she can even relax with music or a podcast, too.

For the mom who works out at home

10-lb dumbbells

If she has just started working out from home, a pair of dumbbells sounds like an odd gift, but she’ll totally appreciate them. Make sure they aren’t of a weight she already has and grab a set of two. Even if she can’t use them yet, as she progresses and gets stronger, she’ll love having them. This will motivate her to try and lift heavier as she works towards reaching her fitness goals. I started with a pair of 10-lb. dumbbells and now have a wide selection ranging from 3 up to 40 lbs. Trust me, mom will eventually use them all, and having them at the ready will encourage her to start that workout program she’s been meaning to start.

For the mom who’s tough to buy for

Best Buy gift card

While some believe that gift cards are impersonal, if you put it inside a perfectly selected card with a personal and heartfelt message, it shows mom that you did take the time but also want her to be able to get exactly what she wants. Get one in any denomination that fits your budget. If you want to show you care even more, take mom to shopping or browse the website with her to find the perfect gift.

Put a smile on mom’s face this holiday season

Remember, moms love you no matter what. Gifts are never necessary but always appreciated. It isn’t important that you spend hundreds of dollars. A simple homemade card and a small gift is enough. What’s important is that the gift is a thoughtful one that shows you know what mom loves, what she likes to do, and what she will actually use. Fancy isn’t always best. You know mom so get her what will truly impress.

Check out plenty of holiday gift ideas for mom at Best Buy Online. 

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