ultima Cosa Air Fryer contestUltima Cosa air fryers are surely on everyone’s gift lists this holiday season. I have an air fryer, so I know first-hand how awesome they are. And I know many people who do not have an air fryer but want one. Do you know someone who would love an air fryer. Enter this contest and you might win one of the three different types of air fryers that we are giving away.

Why is an air fryer a popular gift

Make your list and check it twice (as the saying goes) and make sure at least one person is getting an air fryer. Perhaps that person is your sister, or your mom … or perhaps it’s you. There are very good reasons why air fryers are the most sought after small appliance gift. They cook fast, use less energy, and use less oil than other forms of frying. They can do much more than just fry foods too. I have cooked danishes! Yes, homemade custard filled danishes that tasted amazing. My favourite, though, is bacon. It turns out crisp with no mess: it’s all contained within the air fryer. Lastly, cleanup is amazingly easy and quick too.

I have been using an air fryer for over a year. There is not a week that goes by that I don’t use it for something. However, it’s when preparing dinners for family and friends that I turn to the air fryer even more. This versatile appliance frees up space in my larger oven so that more items are cooked simultaneously and the whole meal comes together more seamlessly. My wife loves air fryer roasted Brussels sprouts!

Beyond the usefulness of an air fryer, there is one more reason why it’s a popular gift. It’s the kind of gift that you know will be appreciated—and knowing that is a great stress relief. Many people find the gift exchange a challenge and at least a little stressful. It’s great to have default gifts that you know will be well received by almost anyone: an air fryer is one of those defaults this year.

How to select the right air fryer

Best Buy carries a large selection of air fryers and you might wonder which one you should purchase. There are a few things you should consider before buying one. Price is important and air fryers are all reasonably priced. Factors which affect the price includes size and features beyond just air frying (like an oven that is also a microwave). Air fryers come in a variety of sizes and styles. A smaller air fryer is great for individuals or couples. For larger families, I recommend either a large air fryer or a double air fryer enabling you to simultaneously cook two different items, at different temperatures. For this contest we have three different Ultima Cosa styles and sizes of air fryers as prizes. We sent samples of these air fryers for a review on the blog. Read a review to learn more about Ultima Cosa air fryers.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in two different ways:

  1. In a comment below, tell us the name of one person on your gift list who you think needs an air fryer (first name only) and which feature will that person like the most about their new air fryer.
  2. In a comment beneath Rae’s review article on the blog, tell us one savoury and one sweet dish you would make if you had an Ultima Cosa air fryer. Note your comment must have both a sweet and a savoury dish to quality as an entry to this contest.

What can you win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select three (3) winners. Each winner will be randomly assigned to one of the three new Ultima Cosa air fryer prizes:

This contest runs from Nov 17th until Dec 5th.

Remember that you can enter in two different ways as described above. Tell friends and family to enter too, especially if you expect to be on their gift list: a gentle suggestion about items that you would like to receive may be just what they need to reduce their stress at this time of year.

Win an Ultima Cosa Air Fryer Rules and Regulations

Good luck.


  1. gina would love this because air fryer is convenient and she could make her cheese sticks and mushrooms caps and let’s not forget chicken fingers.

  2. Jasper would love one of these for the speed of cooking things. Teenagers are always hungry and want food as soon as possible. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Mindy would love an air fryer, she would love the speed of cooking and the crispy food without the oil, plus she won’t have to heat up the large oven for a small amount of food

  4. My mom definitely needs an air fryer and she would appreciate a double one to cook two different items at different temperatures

  5. Josh would looove one of these. Awesome machine and I know he will love the double basket feature because he is always frying up a large sized storm! 🙂

  6. Tracey would love one of these air fryers. She’d be very happy about there being parts that are dishwasher safe for easy clean up. (More time to enjoy the delicious treats made in the air fryer!)

  7. This would be an awesome prize for my friend. I’m always telling her how great my air fryer is, it would be great to surprise her with one of her own.

  8. I would love to gift this to my dad, I think he would be obsessed with it. He’s been trying to get healthier lately, so the less calories/fat in his same favourite recipes would be great.

  9. My mom, Tracy would love the digital air fryer oven! The viewing window would be a huge convenience to see how things are coming along!

  10. My daughter Rach who is moving out shortly and won’t have access to my oven which has an air fryer built in. And since she is quite the chef, she would appreciate the dual baskets that allow for different foods at different cook times.

  11. I would love any one of these Air fryers for myself. I’m a mother of 3 and having an air fryer is so convenient for me and my husband when our days are super chaotic. I did have one before, unfortunately our cat decided it was a place to go tinkle. 🙁 Savoury for us would be crispy chicken wings! And sweet would be air fryer cinnamon rolls! So delicious! 🙂


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