Breville appliances help us to be more creative in the kitchen. Learning is even faster, though, with the helpful tips you’ll find in these short video lessons from Breville. You will learn how to make your favourite coffees using Breville espresso machines and accessories. There are also video tutorials to help you get more from Breville smart ovens, juicers, and blenders.

Table of contents

      1. Coffee recipes
      2. Espresso machines
      3. Smart ovens
      4. Juicers and blenders

Learn more about coffee recipes 


Master latte: learn how to perfect one of the most popular coffee drinks with your Breville espresso machine—the latte. Learn tips for grinding and tamping, and how to pull consistent espresso shots. There’s no latte without milk, so this video tutorial will also show you how to get it to the right temperature so you can bring coffee and steamed milked together for an amazing latte.

Turn milk into microfoam: mastering microfoam is key to reproducing third wave specialty coffee drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos at home. In this video, you will learn how to achieve that silky, smooth microfoam milk step-by-step—from how to position the steam wand into the jug to the ideal temperature for steamed milk. Finally, you will also learn how to replicate the same results using alternative milks.

Creating latte art: latte art makes your coffee beautiful and tasty. Find out where the practice comes from and how it became an integral part of coffee culture. Then, learn how to draw a heart to step up your coffee game at home. Follow the instructions to steam your milk and pour it from the right distance into your cup of coffee to draw your design. At the end, you will also learn additional techniques to create more sophisticated drawings.

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Learn more about Breville espresso machines

Taste the difference: Learn about the 4 keys formula behind every Breville espresso machine that allow you to replicate delicious third wave specialty coffee at home. The secret is in the coffee ratio, water temperature, pre-infusion and extraction, and steam pressure. Find out how each of these elements come into play to brew the perfect cup of coffee.


Cleaning and maintenance: This video tutorial will show you how to clean and maintain your espresso machine properly not only to make flavoursome coffee, but also to improve the longevity of your appliance. First, you will learn how to clean the group head and the steam wand of your machine. Then, you will learn helpful maintenance tips, including how to descale your machine for optimal results.

Dialing in espresso: Understand the key components to make the best espresso possible with your beans. This video will cover the three main variables to consider (dose, grind, and yield) and how to adjust them on your machine. Take it a step further by paying attention to other key factors such as the beans, tamping, pre-infusion, extraction pressure, and temperature.

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Learn more about Breville smart ovens


Brick oven performance: An authentic brick pizza oven gets very hot—much hotter than a traditional kitchen oven. Learn how the Breville Pizzaiolo smart pizza oven can bring that authentic experience to your kitchen countertop so you can create great tasting pizza. Amazingly, it can reach up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit!


Breville smart ovens: Fast and even cooking with smart, reliable, consistent temperature control ensures that Breville smart ovens take the guesswork out of cooking. The Element IQ® system creates the ideal heating environment for baking, roasting, dehydrating—even air frying. Your guests will be impressed.


Master every cooking technique: Explore what’s possible with a Breville Smart Oven in your kitchen. See examples of a wide variety of dishes that you will want to try in your home. You’ll be inspired to try new dishes—even new ways of cooking! Your creativity in the kitchen will be boundless as you bake amazing dinners, desserts, and snacks.

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Learn more about juicers and blenders



Fresh & Furious blender from Breville: Learn how this versatile blender has been engineered for performance. Its powerful motor, Kinetix blade, and contoured bowl whips up from below and pulls down from above for smooth results—lumps have no place to hide. Multiple task controls simplify your morning routine. Be inspired. Chop, blend, or mix your favourites juices, sauces, dips, and more, then use the Auto-clean setting to be ready for the next time.


Nutritious juicing: The commercial quality Juice Fountain Cold XL from Breville ensures fast and delicious juicing in your kitchen. Just add fresh fruit and vegetables for healthy and tasty beverages in your own home whenever you want. The convenient 2 litre pitcher enable you to make enough for your whole family.


Bluicer blends and juices: The Breville 3x Bluicer Pro does it all and saves counter space. Blend rich sauces, juice nutritious vegetables and fruit—even crush ice for that perfect cocktail at the end of your day. Convenient program buttons simplify your work in the kitchen. You’ll use this versatile and easy to clean appliance multiple times each day!

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  1. I loved the making a latte and the cleaning and descaling the espresso machine. I love❤love lattes. Sorry none of my friends or family love LATTES more then me.
    I do make them about 3X a day with my Italian stove espresso coffee maker and then, steam the milk. LOVE LATTES. Thanks

  2. The Brick oven performance video was very interesting – I was curious about whether it could actually produce good pizza, and it showed me it could

  3. I really enjoyed the cleaning and maintenance video. Keeping your machine clean and well-maintained is essential to making a perfect shot of espresso.

  4. The espresso video – we drink a lot of it and sometimes don’t like the ones we purchased but didn’t know why – this video helped us understand all the components that go into a GOOD espresso.

  5. I really enjoying the video about turning milk into microfoam. Was never really sure how to do this, but it looks pretty simple. This is something that I’d love to setup for my wife. The latte art video was also really informative.

  6. The coffee recipe video for sure because not only did it give me ideas of coffees to make and show me step by step how to make them but it showed me tips and tricks of how to use the machine right and the accurate temperatures to look for before drinking or serving the perfect cup as well as the correct texture. It also showed how to make art on top of the coffee and the right milks to use.

  7. The Breville smart oven video took me by surprise to learn of the Element IQ feature and how it worked for different oven functions.

  8. Creating latte art video was most helpful for me because I’ve always wondered how they do that and now with the techniques learned, I can try on my own.

  9. Turn milk into microfoam was helpful because I never understood the process of making milk into foam. Now, I know I need a special machine for this.

  10. I like the video about turning milk into microfoam because it was very informative – who knew it was so complicated?

  11. The Latte Art video is the best. I’ve tried many times but never succeeded. I need to work harder at preparing the milk I think and as the presenter says “practice, practice, practice”

  12. Latte Art is the most helpful for me because it would really impress. Plus it just seems to make hot frothy beverages taste better.

  13. I enjoyed watching how to froth milk properly. I’ve tried before in the past, and it’s definitely the hardest part in making a good latte. Hope I will get good at making some latte art too!

  14. I found the video titled Breville Coffee Journey – Latte Art Tutorial the most helpful because I believe with a little practice I can turn my regular latte into a piece of artwork.

  15. The Breville smart ovens video is very helpful for me, as I learned about how the Element IQ® system technology can create the ideal environment for baking.

  16. I found the Creating latte art video most helpful as I’ve never considered adding art to my lattes but its something I want to try now.

  17. I found the video, creating latte art the most helpful and would feel more confident trying latte art if I were to win the espresso machine.

  18. The Breville Smart Oven – Endless possibilities is the video I benefitted from the most. All that the Breville can do is amazing. Much better than my one function built in oven as part of my stove. To have a built in Air Fryer in certain models is also amazing. One functional oven and I want one.

  19. The video I found most helpful was the Breville Coffee Journey – Latte Art Tutorial video because I’m only starting to learn how to do this and it gave me good tips.

  20. The “Breville Coffee Journey – Latte Art Tutorial” was the most informative, but I think I’ll have to practise a lot to make art that is that beautiful.

  21. The video “Breville Coffee Journey – Latte Art Tutorial” was super helpful – although I still think I need to practise A LOT to perfect the art. (But at least the coffee will taste good.)

  22. I found the dialing in espresso video the best because I have a manual espresso machine and had to learn how to dial in the perfect grind.


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